Change, isn’t it inevitable?

Back to School! LOL Our school district started yesterday with the new school year, with many changes to time and schedules.  Its all the same to me, my day is longer, and I have more stops, and less time to my self throughout the day, but overall its still the same job.  You know, the one I applied for, the one I have (which is a blessing to even have one), the job that God so brillantly lead me to. 

So many people are disturbed-from parents to students, from teachers to adminstrators, from the bus company to the drivers…I guess I am at a loss here…I don’t understand what is all the problem.  We all have things we must do, and everything that is new requires a little thinking…I  just don’t get it!

Here I am, wondering when I became easy going, and good with change?  Are you good with change? Are you good with crossing bridges when you get to them, and not contemplating them before you even get there?



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18 responses to “Change, isn’t it inevitable?

  1. HW

    I love change. I hate change.

    I love to come across a new situation and jump in with both feet. A new job. A move to a new state I never even visited before. I’m a dreamer, and I often think out new situations (like the time I tried to convince my husband to emmigrate to Australia, lol. He didn’t go for it. I’m glad he balances me out.

    Sometimes I hate to feel out of control when I didn’t “choose” the change. When someone else makes a decision that throws my life into turmoil. Especially if the decision hurts my children!

    But again, often times I welcome the change and can ‘flow’ with it. I suppose it depends on the situation.

    But… change is part of life. There have been times when things have changed so radically and outside my will and my control and I’ve had to grieve the loss of whatever it was I lost in the process.

    It is great though that you are so flexible in this. To me, this might be something people grumble at, but hey… it is pretty minor in the grand scheme of things.

  2. HW- I hear you! Our district has grown so much in the last couple years, that funds are depleted, the schools are too crowded…and all the change is ultimately to accomodate the children me they are the priority…so I think I am where you are at with change..I kind of wiegh out the situation, and see how does it fit in my priorities…that is probably what I am sensing with all the tempers…maybe a difference of priorities. love ya..girl I will come over later..but back to work for me shortly..

  3. SO NOT!

    This was my morning yesterday…got up for school around 7am(class wasnt til 12), and finally left around 11:30…I realize as I am driving I forgot my syllabus addendum, and realized I HAD NO IDEA WHERE MY CLASS WAS!!! I had forgotten to look at the I get to class oh about 12:15…and my teacher looks at me and says, ” Well, its nice to see ya.”


  4. I generally do pretty well with change. And crossing bridges when I get to them. Although here’s the downside: some things need foresight and advanced planning and work, and I am dreadful at making those things happen.

  5. I am a planner – I love change – as long as I can prepare for it! lol I like to have my ducks in a row – I hate coming to a bridge thats closed for repair – when I come to a bridge I expect to be able to cross it with no hassel! Any questions ??? :o)

  6. LSOF- 😆 girl you just made my day! I can see me doing that…sometimes I am over prepared, and the most important part I totally forgot about..I love you, dont go changing! 😉

    Annie- sometimes being overly prepared can be a down side for me, I try to be flexible as much as I really helps me with attitude. 😆 yup I need that!

    Papa- you get to keep your ducks in a row? I like it that way, but God doesn’t seem to have the same view as me, and lately seems to have HIS own laugh about my ducks in a row! 😉

  7. My days don’t change much.

    i used to love change. We moved lots in our early years (eight times in six years). Now we’re pretty settled…too settled???

    Just takin’ it one day at a time.

    Love you, Darla!!!

  8. CHANGE!!!! OY!!!! Actually, until very, very, very recently I detested change. Then I figured out over the summer (thanks Lord) that it’s not the actual change I detest, it’s just hearing about it that freaks me out. (I’m detail oriented and a planner to the core – you just can’t change things willy-nilly). But having ranted on about that I can also say that I’m THE most adaptable person I’ve ever known. So it all works out in the end. 🙂

  9. Darla: I love that we are walking this again this year…I wonder when our one year aniversay was LOL

    Have to go and investigate….I am sooo looking forward to all the stories, all the changes in those kiddo cause one person took the time to care…

    Love you!

  10. tam

    im with heidi – i love change, i hate change.

    im a spur of the moment type girl, mostly. but sometimes…little differences can really throw me off. it may be directly related to how regularly i take my hormones 😯

  11. Mary P

    change? most of the time i am able to allow the Lord to lead. every now and then though, i forget Who is really in charge of this whole thing called life. That is the time i have trouble accepting new “challenges” like health issues or the loss of a loved one or even being asked to do something new at work. the whole love change, hate change thing for me is in direct proportion to my walk with the Lord.

    you always make me think, Princess Darla. love ya

  12. See ya day after tomorrow1 Oh my! Thats just around the corner – this will be a change – but we are prepared – mama and I are trying to get our ducks in a row! lol

  13. Just wanted you to know that the pigs and chickens are now out of the room you will be staying in. We haven’t found the Python that is in Derek’s room yet – but we are working on it – maybe we should check Trina’s room …… it may be in there! The Python eats the hamsters that are in her room.

  14. Laurie Lloyd

    Hey there easy going Darla,

    My only advice to you as this new year begins for you is to keep the Tylenol close at hand:) I can’t help but wonder what surprises the bus holds for you this season. I know you are UP for the changes because it is the Lord who dropped this bus in your lap. I love you and am praying as the wheels on your bus go round and round~~ Many blessings all around for you and the kids.

    Hugs, Laurie in Ca.

  15. Change and I have that love / hate thing going on.

    In some respects I love it and in others I get so uncomfortable it isn’t funny….

    Praying for you each morning Darla…the bus for our neighborhood kids stops right in front of our house, when I hear it pull up I pray for you and those precious little ones God has entrusted to you this year.

    Love you girl!

  16. Ckroboth sent me over to check on you…

    Said something about hijack… I told him that I wasn’t going to take over no airplane…. Hijack?1…

    Maybe he meant… What happens if you get on the airplane and the pilots name is Jack? Guess you can’t say “Hi Jack” without getting arrested.

    Anyway… He said “Love to you” also.

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