15 years together, 12 years married!

Some of you know my story, and staying with a man 15 years is an act of God!  Today is our anniversary.  I am more in love today than the day I said “I do”.  God has truly blessed me with Scott.  Honestly…how many men would step into a relationship with a woman who was experiencing drama with an “ex”, a baby girl one and a half years old, and another daughter 8 years old?  Man, could we tell some stories of being down on the bottom!  But through it all, My hubs has always stood by me, took up my battles, shook his head when not understanding, and helped me raise two beautiful daughters as his own.  We have a son together, and I have not ever seen him treat one better than the other.  He loves them all, and they in turn love their Daddy.  Hubs has taught me lots in the last 15 years.  I learned that gentlemen still exist, love is worth fighting for, and those weeks were the money just ran out..we are so rich in the grace of God, and the gift of this marriage.  This year our daughter got married, and hubs was every bit her daddy, right down to the tear in his eye while handing her over to her prince charming.

Hubs, I believe God put you in our life, to walk with us, to love us, and to help us see right from wrong…you have done all that, and a million other things! I am praising God today for you, and the love that HE shows me through you.  You are a picture to me of how Christ loves the church…and its amazing the sacrifices I have seen you go through for me and the kids…for no other reason than you love us.  Thank you for being you and thank you for loving us.  Happy Anniversary!!

(I wanted to shout this from the top of a skyscraper or the top of a mountian…but after thinking that through..no one would hear how great I think you are…so hey! I am on the world wide web and lots of people will know what I think about my Baby!….Dude you even help with laundry, and dishes, and kids, cook…oh my..I am a spoiled brat girl..Love you!)

**update** hey hubs! you are my 200th post on WordPress…( haahahahaha can you dig it,baby? ) I am old!



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29 responses to “15 years together, 12 years married!

  1. I have it on my calendar! Happy anniversary!! Another 28 you will catch us!! maybe Scott will have you all trained by then just like I do mama! lol

  2. 😆 Papa thank you..and he is working on it! hahahaha why is that so funny to me?!?!?!

  3. I love it…

    Happy Anniversary.. Not get off of here and go spend it with Scott…

    Love to you both

  4. Scott is at work..we will have some time this evening..and then the weekend…so don’t worry, he gets me driving him crazy..and he just smiles!

  5. Carl…what happened to the dark shades?? I really liked them..are you one of those guys that “wear your sunglasses at night” 😆

    Love you Bro!

  6. Happy Anniversary Baby…got ya on my miiiiiiiinnnndddd…Sorry, had to do it… 😆 You guys are awesome! Love you and think ya’ll be doin the salsa???? LOL

  7. Laurie Lloyd


    Happy Happy Anniversary!!! 28 more years and you will catch up with us. It just gets better and better. God gave me my “knight in shining armor” when we were 17. Armor was a bit tarnished back then but gets more polished and shining as the years have gone by. Nothing on earth more blessed than when God gives us a mate that takes us as we are and grows up with us by our side. We are blessed. Have a wonderful day of celebration with this man God placed in your life, just for you:)

    Love and Hugs, Laurie in Ca.

  8. Debs…I could hear you singing that in my head! LOL and no doubt..”Salsa”! 😯

  9. Laurie…thanks! you are sooo right..we are blessed!

  10. AWWW….. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you both!!! Yes, you have done the unthinkable!! hahahhaha…. God is so good…

  11. :_) What a great tribute! That’s so wonderful. Yes, godly husbands are a GIFT FROM GOD. I know mine is. Have a wonderful anniversary!

  12. oneDirection

    Lots of love to you both! Happy Anniversary!

  13. Awesome!! You are a blessed woman, Darla. And Scott is an equally blessed man!

    A man after God’s heart will always make the best of husbands. And yes, they do have a way of spoiling us. I think it’s that sacrificial giving as Christ gave for His church.


    Hope he loves the salsa. 😉

  14. Happy Anniversary Darla & Scott! Hope it is a great one! Here’s to many more years of happiness together!

  15. ramsey72

    Happy Anniversary!

  16. Happy Anniversary!! We’ve been married 14 years this August.

    What are your top three things that you adore about your mate?

  17. Wow baby, It’s been a wild amazing ride that i hope never ends. Your the greatest. Love ya!!!!

  18. Happy ANNIVERSARY! Love u! You’re one of the greatest friends I could ever have…

    Hey – as I was typing this, I saw a big circular keyring and two keys… and it was as if one of those keys was going towards a lock… I feel that this year God is going to open up doors for you and your hubs in ministry and in marriage! Be blessed!

  19. WooHoo!!!!!

    Happy Anniversary!!!!

  20. tam

    i had this huge ridiculous smile on my post reading through this whole post. after having the privilege of meeting you in person, i can totally see, your face, mannerisms, and body language in these words… and I love it. OH..and i can hear your laugh PERFECTLY!!!

    scott is a beautiful picture and reflection of Gods unconditional and grace! what a winner!

    but scott made out pretty darn good too!!!

    HAPPY DAY you two!!!

    i do love you so!!!

  21. TheNorEaster

    Finally, I made over here. Just in time to put another one of Michelle’s masterpieces in your comments section and to say…


  22. उन्मुक्त

    Happy Anniversary – सालगिरह की बधाई।

  23. YOU ALL are very sweet, and thank you for all the well wishes..we had a very good evening together, but we really kind of celebrate life together as often as we can..we are the kind of people who work hard, but we also love and play hard.. 😉

    Bajanpoet- have to tell you how awesome you are, and God speaks so much to me through you…i will send you an email and tell you how very close you are again..love you brother, you are a good friend as well!

  24. Group hug!

    Congratulations, Darla and Scott!

    More hapy decades together! Happy, happy anniversary.

    Darla, you brought tears to my eyes! Come, wipe them with a hug! 🙂 Mwah!

  25. Or maybe not. They are happy tears.

    But I still want a hug! 😉

  26. Sherma!! I would love to come and give you a big hug!! I ♥ you!!

  27. Darla this is a fantastic piece. I’m so happy for you both. I’m a single mother of a 7 year old boy and still haven’t found that special someone. It sounds like you both love each other a great deal and that you still have a lot of fun together, That’s wonderful. Best friends. I’m glad to know that people still find each other. Happy Anniversary to you both and for years to come. You have renewed my hope 🙂
    Thank you,

  28. Ocean, glad that you came over to visit, hope you will be a regular too! I understand the single mother thing, as I have done that for 8 years, with two girls,..never give up hope, God has the perfect person for you 😉

  29. What a beautiful entry! 🙂

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