Do you dream when you sleep? Can you fly in your dreams?  What causes dreams, especially those kind where people are out of place, not just geographically but also in time?  I have been sitting and laughing this morning over a totally ridiculous dream I had last night that actually gave me joy! how absurd!?!  My daughters and I have talked about having dreams that really hurt our feelings and the next day having a struggle with looking at or responding well to those people. Oh MY!!! the line between reality and the dream world… how about you..dreams?



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19 responses to “Dreams…

  1. Sadly I very rarely remember my dreams. I think it has something to do with the amount of sleep that I have (usually 4 to 5 hours) but I honestly don’t know why. I’m sure that I do dream. I remember having had dreams but just not what they were about.

    I have read that dreams are supposed to have strange meanings but the brain is a strange and little understood organ. I think it likely that the brain is simply sorting information during “down time” and we interpret this as dreams.

    It’s a bit of a boring response I’m afraid.

  2. This thought came from a point in time when I didn’t have as close a relationship as I do now with God. So take it for what it is… 😉

    If God dreamed up this plan for the world, and put us in it. We to by Him have our own dreams. So our life a Dream with in a dream.

    Like I said.. When I made that up I was not near as close to God as I am now….

  3. I often have dreams where the theme is a loss of control…

    I wont get into the specifics of those dreams as they are of a personal nature, but they can be frightening.

    If i am honest that IS a deep seeded fear of mine….to lose control. I know that CONTROL is generally an illusion but we humans like our illusions 😉


  4. Hover- there is something to the shorter sleep, when i don’t sleep as long, i don’t dream..the brain! oooooh that is something I like to look at a little closer..what a complex organ, and essential to life…

    CK- I smiled then laughed, then felt kind of ignorant, and then agreed..and then decided .. my dreams are most likely from the land of the lost. 😆

    Robert- I have to tell you that some of my dreams are an insecurity that of the same thing, or from loss. But some are just hysterical when I wake up and recount it..it made perfect sense in the dream, not any sense when awake… 😉

  5. .it made perfect sense in the dream, not any sense when awake…

    That happens to me a lot too!!

    I wake up thinking: WHAT?!

    Did i smoke something before bed last night?!


  6. 😆 i know!! sometimes I am still cracking up at how funny it is..and then try to tell someone else…and the look on their face is priceless…and all i can say is..”guess you had to be there” 😯

  7. ramsey72

    Man, do I dream! Sometimes they are really crazy. People from my past and present all mixed up together in really ridiculous circumstances! I write songs in my dreams but I can’t remember them when I wake up. I dream I am back in college alot. Sometimes I will dream about the same person several nights in a row and I take that as God telling me I need to pray for that person even if I haven’t seen or spoken to them in years. Sometimes, though I have bad dreams and wake up disturbed. I have had dreams where I woke up more tired than when I went to sleep.

  8. Ramsey…hahahaha that is exactly how my dream was last night, and honestly it did make me happy..but I have had those that make you exhausted when you wake up…mmmmmmmm I don’t even eat before I sleep…facsinating tho..

  9. My dreams can really affect my thinking the next day. They’re too real sometimes. Last night I couldn’t find an exit at the Mall…every door I went to was locked or led to nowhere…?

    I hate shopping so maybe that was like, I don’t know, hell to me…?

    Very weird.

  10. Michelle- I hate those kind of dreams…some are just too real, and really do affect me the next day. love you!

  11. Just letting you know that I am around.. Been working on my post.

    Been a crazy long day… I just learned over at Deb’s the day has hours not just minutes… 😉

    Love to ya Sis

  12. A couple of years ago I was on medication to control my tremors and my dreams were so intense that if I was trapped or frightened I would throw myself right out of bed – not good !!! That hurt !!! I got off the meds quick !!!

  13. oneDirection

    I love dreams, but at times we have a love hate relationship. I seem to dream the most about whatever was on my mind that day. It’s amazing how something can feel so real when you wake up from a crazy dream! I have some pretty weird ones that I have over and over!

  14. tam

    i had a dream once that brent and me were at a party. i couldnt find him. i went upstairs to look for him…open a side door and find him a bit too cozy with some chick on a couch. i just stood there at the door. he looked up at me, slightly agitated and said, “what!? cant you see im busy!!?”

    i woke up sooooo mad…BUT, i couldnt remember the dream right away. but i was still mad. it came to me THREE days later! yes, he got the cold shoulder for 3 days. i didnt know why i should have been upset with him, but i knew he deserved it. poor thing!

  15. @Tam…

    I can only imagine the look on Brent’s face when you told him about the dream… 3 days later!!!… 😯 …

  16. I’ve had those types of dreams , woke up with anger, and fear and hurt..they do set the pace for the day..very strange how dreams work….but I know I pray for them now..before I sleep..God has to be incontrol of them ,..sometimes it shows my own in security, and what I need to be laying at his feet…I know I know..everything does not have a spiritual meaning…or does it? my confusion this morning..I need a new post..:lol: and after Carl and Nor…I need to spend more time with Jesus this morning..

  17. Papa- I took meds years ago that made violent dreams…I was off that immediately! Lots play into our dreams I think..

  18. I dream ALL the time. Sometimes I wish I didn’t! My dreams are usually dreary and what I am worrying about! That should teach me not to worry, huh? 🙂

  19. You know, usually I don’t remember my dreams. In my case, I think it’s because I’m a very sound sleeper. But there are people I know of too where they dream a lot, and God specifically uses their dreams to speak to them. I’m not one of those people. If I remember them, they’re always pizza dreams, as it were.

    I have definitely experienced having a dream distort reality. I don’t like those dreams. I once had a dream about my best friend that was SO much unlike her that I had to call her (in Hawaii, and back when you paid big bucks for it) just to talk to her and get the ‘real’ her back in my head again. 🙂

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