Prayer-its what we are missing…

Lately, I have noticed how the Spirit seems to be anointing our youth today to stand stronger, and move quicker, and pray harder.  Actually I have been watching this for the last several years. 

Prayer works, and it may not always get the answer we want, but it always gets the best answer.  I pray for my children, I pray for who they will marry, and the friends that they will meet.  One has already married a wonderful man and I do believe it to be a result of prayer.  But today as I was thinking about how our prayer life works, and how dedicated we are to it, I read Trina’s post “Clicks”. Tears.  Honestly, as an adult I see it, and tend to push past it, as I am not a clicky person.  I know the effects it has on the ones looking on…but then I look at Trina..16 years old…and she is praying on her knees in spirit and truth…not for a new car, or for money…but for the body of Christ to do what it is sent to do.  Love someone unlovely, be accepting to someone that may even be repulsive.  Check her out..i am joining her in that prayer she wrote, I hope you do too.  Prayer it works…we need to it…and we need to think big and out of the box…faith like a child.

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12 responses to “Prayer-its what we are missing…

  1. Well I just noticed in another post that you’re not feeling well, so let my first post (yay! First post!) be for you….

    Almighty heavenly Father, I lift Darla to you right now. U know exactly what assails her – and I ask that you heal her in the name of Jesus. My prayer is that the blood of Jesus cover her entire body including her entire respiratory system. In the name of Jesus, please cover her and heal her.

    Thank you that she’s such a great friend. Bless her in Jesus’ name. AMEN

  2. I LOVE praying…. I start every prayer out with “AND”… that way, my conversation NEVER ends w/HIM…

  3. bajan- thank you for your awesome prayer! you are a good friend!
    OCD- I like to keep the communication open too..sometimes i don’t think I speak to him enough..I would like to get better at that. My daughter really showed me something in her!

  4. oooh oooh. Seriously … I just posted … and it is SO relevant to this. A HUGE revelation for me.

    And in reference to your opening line: yes. I am seeing the church awaken. In so many areas. It is good.

  5. Yep….read that sweet girl’s post and cried. What a heart…I know God is using her among her peers and I can only imagine what He has in store for her…..

    You are training that child in the way she should go Darla….

    Love you!

  6. ramsey72

    Our pastor keeps saying that revival is about to break out and it is going to begin in the young people. I think it is amazing to see young people who will seek the face the God. It challenges me to stay on my knees on a little longer!

  7. Steph- thank you! as my sister that makes her your niece or sister 🙂 I get confused easily 😆 thanks for being such an encouragement to her, I would like to take some credit with how she is, but she has been more of a mentor to me than anyone. Love you and love when you visit!!!

    Ramsey- agree, I believe revival is going to break out and it will be in our youth, they have a boldness we are just learning to have, and it is already instilled in them. Praise God!

  8. mom…you are truly amazing to me….i am so glad that we are walking the same path!! i love you but of course my JESUS loves you more!

  9. As I just said over ad Debs..

    Prayer is the only thing that has gotten me through some tough moments the past few days.

    The Grace I meet through prayer. Praying constantly keeps God all around me so I know where to find him when I need him.

  10. oneDirection

    Just wanted to say I love ya and am thinking about you.

  11. DARLA!!!!

    I took the picture of you and Scott on the beach off of Scott’s blog. Since you’ve taken your glasses off in your new avatar, I wasn’t sure if you’re wearing contacts now. So I took them off in the picture too. I have you in your hoodie…looks like it’s a favorite!

    Hope you like it. I found the old one in my files but I didn’t like it — I have improved a bit. 😉

    LOVE YOU!!!

  12. tam

    darla – you have been a stellar example to your kids. i am not the least bit surprised that trina’s heart and passion is the way it is. i know. it is GOD – but He has blessed your family with YOU too.

    trina will be a force to be reckoned with in her generation. i know i have said that before…but its true! she is a little dynamo!

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