Blogging Bible Study-John 4

There is so much in this chapter, and this is only one post, I will not be able to do this chapter justice, but I will add some of my thoughts.  Please go check out the others from this week as they have lots of insights, and all are very good writers.  (they are on my blogroll under Carl’s blogging Bible study)

The woman at the well has always been one of my favorite stories.  Somehow, through my own life I feel like I know her.  Many men in her life. A past that shames. Name calling.  It is just easier to go out when no one else is there.  The empty void inside her that she longs to be filled.  What was her life like up to that point of meeting Jesus?  I have often thought about her.  There are so many things in our lives that cause voids, an emptiness that drives us to try to fill it.  Temporarily, (like the many men) the void is filled, yet a small place in it remains empty. Torment.  No way to fill it.  So life goes on, and she does the best she can, always reminded she has fallen short of her peers expectations.  Yes, I think I know her.

Then she meets Jesus, and HE asks her for something… a drink.  Reluctantly, she participates in conversation, and HE quickly tells her all that she is hurting from, and the sin that she has been living with up to that point.  Imagine how that feels, when suddenly you are bare in front of a stranger, but HE is not condemning, instead HE offers her a way to fill that void, the reason for all her grief, all her sadness, the reason she comes to the well at the hottest time of the day.  Just living water.  Living water that fills all the voids, leaves no empty place.  She has not felt this fullness ever, and delights so much in it, that she runs to tell anyone who will listen…”He told me everything I did”…doesn’t sound like she is carrying any shame anymore.  And more came because of what she said.  Maybe just to be nosey and see who is this strange person, talking to her.  Regardless, they believed, and no longer because of what she said, but because of who HE is. 

I seem to need a refill of living water everyday, and sometimes several times a day.  It seems that life can just stir those places up that are long forgotten. I am so glad that I have access to the water that is living, that will fill every little crevice, and remind me..”HE told me everything I did”, and knows everything I will do and HIS love doesn’t change..its always intact, and always eager to give me a deep cool drink of living water.  “Fill my cup Lord, I lift it up Lord, come and quench this thirsting of my soul…bread of heaven feed me til I want no more, Fill my cup, fill it up and make me whole”  Drink deep, drink long, fill the void, and when it stirs in you again, come and drink again, it never goes dry, you have not ever had your share, you won’t be cut off..never ending living water.



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62 responses to “Blogging Bible Study-John 4

  1. No matter how unworthy we feel – He wants to meet our need, be our friend and will reach out to us. Here is a good example of Christ seeking someone – she had no idea who this man was. Many seek him, but those who are not will find him seeking them.

  2. Fill you he will…So full that emptiness is never an issue.

    I had to escape to His loving arms yesterday, and let the living water fill the void of self doubt.

    Thanks for being open and baring your soul a bit with this one.

    Love ya sis

  3. I love this post, sis!

    Just last Sunday it was read at the chuch, and now I read it here. Wow!

    Indeed, His love is unconditional. Sometimes I think I am not worthy of that kind of love… but then I remember how great His love is… and I am filled with happiness. His love makes me feel as though I’ve never sinned… me who’s as much a sinner as everyone.

    Take care. God bless you and your family. And everyone who reads your blog.

    Heart you!

  4. Laurie Lloyd


    I too know the woman at the well very well. The best shower I have ever had in my life was when the Living Water filled me and washed the shame away. I still rely on this water every day but will NEVER forget the feeling of NO MORE SHAME for the first time in my life. I was 40 years old before I realized no one could do this for me except Jesus, the Living Water. I carry my bottle of drinking water and my Living Water with me wherever I go. I love how He loves me.

    Love you Darla, Laurie in Ca.

  5. FIll me Lord. This really spoke to me today..

    “I seem to need a refill of living water everyday, and sometimes several times a day. It seems that life can just stir those places up that are long forgotten.”

    Reminded me of the manna….just enough for the day, fresh every day….

    It’s ok to go to the well….let down the guard and just let Him feed us that Living Water….

    Love you!

  6. hystar

    There is a lot of spiritual meanings to the words used in the acted parable of the woman at the well. I have used this text in a number of my studies.

    I just started a site that specializes in Bible Study. I would appreciate your comments.

    The water of course represents Christ and His teachings. The word of God is the water. The woman was from Samaria. Most people teach the wrong aspects of this. Samaria was the capitol of the 10 northern tribes of Israel. They knew about God, that is what the text tells us. They were lost. You can read Kings and Chronicles for a back ground on that. They were following the wrong teachings but deep down inside they knew the truth. That is why the entire town believed this woman. A town that treated her as an outcast. I should put together a study on this some day.

  7. hystar- welcome, feel free to look around, and I will most certainly check out your blog.

    Papa- I so very much ♥ you!

    CK- you are always an inspiration to me, and your openness and vulnerability is beautiful. You are my brother, and I am thrilled to have you on this road. I love your input, and I love the sense of family that you help us to remember we are…Thank YOU JESUS!!

    Laurie- Girl I just love you, and have been loving on you for along time…and I was delighted to see your comment, I am the same as you… 😉 and I love to think about the first the time my shame was gone..a lifetime of serving shame..just like that much life to live, so much love..ahhhhh Isn’t HE just beautiful!

    Debs- 🙂 HE is beautiful, I just can’t take one step with out HIM, I just can’t…I don’t want to. Love you!

    Sherma!!!!-I have missed you, and you leave the sweetest comments, I love you my sweet sister (who is way too far away from me!) I am going to make sure I get to your blog soon, life is moving too fast for me to keep up lately, but I am praying for a rest time!

  8. Darla, I love this post. Your testimony blows me away every time I think of it. Your love of the Lord and His restoration of you is beautiful to hear and see. I’m so glad to be doing this thing called life with you. And some day, to know we will get to be friends forever in a heaven, well…wow.


    I’m drinking long and deep, it’s the only way I know to make it in this life. I LOVE you!! 😉

  9. Michelle- the only good thing in me is Jesus! and although some think that is a shallow way to think, I know that any good i do or anything that shines from me in beauty is most definitely HIM! Whenever HE callsme to lay something down, it always makes me love HIM more. I can’t wait to hangout with you!! if not on this side..definitely on the other side! Love you!!

  10. I read this post and started singing the chorus, just thanking God that HIS love is never ending…
    whatever I have done or have achieved, whatever I have fallen down on or feel confident about – NOTHING can separate me from his LOVE, and the reach of his living water!

  11. absolutely beautiful!!!!!

  12. What verses are these???? I thought we were in John…..EEK! 😯

  13. these are open to the public on cks blog

  14. 😆 as my bro and sis you all know how to make me smile!

  15. I’ve missed you the last couple days..

  16. okay headed over to read what awesomeness is there in the word for me! yes I take it personally…and well I should!

  17. Love this Darla, I felt so thankful to Jesus as I read it, knowing that it’s only Him who is able to fill me in the way you describe, living water, “springing up into everlasting life” John 4:14. Thanks for this 🙂

  18. tam

    i kept thinking of this song reading this post…

    Fill Me Now
    By Michael Hansen and Christina Peppin

    Hover over Holy Spirit bathe my trembling heart and brow

    Fill me with your awesome presence come oh come and fill me now

    Fill me now fill me now Spirit come and fill me now

    Fill me now fill me now Spirit come and fill me now

    In myself I’m full of weakness Can You use this life somehow

    Cleanse and comfort heal and teach me come oh come and fill me now

    Fill me now fill me now Spirit come and fill me now

    Fill me now fill me now Spirit come and fill me now

    Just one life I have for living in Your service send me out

    Source of love of faith and power come oh come and fill me now

  19. CK- 😆 happy saturday to you to!!

    Tam- the words to that song are beautiful…I don’t think I have ever heard it, but I am sure I would love it!

  20. better!!! Love you princess…

  21. tam

    darla – vanessa and i sang it this weekend. its a beautiful song! i will see if brent can send you a copy of it.

    love you!

  22. This scripture reminds us that even the most rejected in life are loved by Christ. I have my work cut out for me to do the same. Darla, hope you get to feeling better.

  23. still sick…thanks for the prayers..infection, allergies..going back to bed for a while! love you

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