Serving Idols

II Kings 17: 33/41  both verses reference worshipping God and serving other gods/idols…(a study by Kelly Minter- No Other Gods-is built off these verses, and worth a look)

I have been on a thought pattern for sometime, and it coincides with idol worship.  The first commandment is “Thou shalt have no other God’s before me”.  My thoughts are running to-how many other gods do we have, and what is thier purpose in our lives?  Is it unbelief that creates them?  I am leaning towards it is unbelief..but before anyone jumps to their feet and stomps off…I am not accusing anyone, as I have my own issues.  So work through this with me…

If we are motivated by anything other than God, that makes that one thing an idol..we may not worship it, but we serve it.  How about just the way we dress?, or the way we obsess over things we don’t have? or maybe things we do have that we hold so dearly to us?  just my thoughts this morning…what do you think about idols in a modern world? They aren’t usually statues in the western world, they are usually more subtle.

Father God, we fall upon your mercy, we are worshipping you and serving other gods.  We desperately need you to show us each one, and then help us to know how to tear it down.  We need your guidance, and we need soft hearts to agree with you.  Please take your place on the throne of our hearts, and may everything that appeals to us, automatically take a seat behind you.  Forgive us for the way we reach out to things of this world, all the while knowing you are the Only One who is worthy of our worship and service.  Your child that shudders at the thought of idols subtly creeping into my life.



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20 responses to “Serving Idols

  1. Heidi

    I’m not in your head… your in my heart… and I’m praying for you…. connection baby!!!

    idols- we all think of ancient times but I know my laptop becomes it, I know my job, or myself..

    WOW what an awesome post to think about as I run out the door. Him first everything else latter..

    Love you!!

  2. Heidi- I love you! thanks for doing life with me…

  3. The word that jumped out at me was ‘motivation”. I quickly started looking at what motivates me. There are several but one that jumps out quickly is “Mama”. She is my life, I would be lost without her. However, I do not think she is before my Savior. I am not eager to test that though! We have been married for 43 years and know each other and drive each other. To be without her would devastate me. Is she my idol? i do not think so – but she is important enough that my life decisions do focus on her – and Christ.

  4. what do you think about idols in a modern world?

    It’s very easy to see what motivates people today. The best mirror we have of our society is what’s on commercial television.

    Given the ubiquity of reality based schlock that’s out there i know what the idol of modern man is…


    People are fascinated by it. I would say…they worship it.

    Be it sports, music, dance, or other entertainment personality.

    Commercial television is in the business of giving people what they want that’s how they get viewers! And viewers are how they get the big advertising dollar.

    It sickens me how the average American knows the finalists on American Idol, or Big Brother or dancing With the Stars…

    …but those same Americans probably couldn’t tell you 4 of the Supreme Court Justices, or the collective name of the first ten amendments to the Constitution, or when the Reformation happened or what it’s significance was.

    Most Americans now worship at the altar of celebrity and stupidity.


  5. Darla, did you have a chance to watch the video’s that I linked from my Churches past series?

  6. CK- I have not been able to watch with out distraction..but I am persistent in watching seems to be what is on my heart…night and day…maybe just for me..maybe for me to pass on. love ya bro hope your day is going well!

    RObert- brother you hit that right! we are filled with idols, and at the same time denying it..i am always on my kids to learn all they can, a mind is wonderful thing..but learn things that are year no one cares who was finalist on American Idol…and at the same time, they do not know what is communism, or socialism, or the things they should to form their future. Do you think the schools have left them down or the parents? I am trying to catch up in this with them.

  7. Papa- I don’t think Mama is an idol, unless you would take her word over God’s..since she is a follower, I guessing that is not likely..good for you

  8. Darla asked:

    Do you think the schools have left them down or the parents?

    I think both have failed.

    I am not at all interested in teaching my kids what to think! The surest way to make a rebel out of your child is to tell him something is forbidden!

    I am interested in teaching my children HOW to think! Think critically about EVERYTHING! Examine, experiment, evaluate!


  9. Everyone should read this…everyone I say!! LOL

  10. Seriously,

    “what do you think about idols in a modern world?”

    They suck….

    They are in so many shapes and forms, and all distractions…away from the one important focus…

    Thank you for that scripture…I’m gonna go read…I’ll be back… 😉

  11. Robert, I agree! But if the schools are failing to show a big picture, then as parents we really need to push at it, even if its just conversation…wow that is a novel idea huh? I know some kids who just look blankly when I say, “hey lets just talk for 10 minutes”. 🙂

    Debs agree..wazzzzzup?! 🙄

  12. Love the picture Darls….it’s the same color as my face LOL Carl will be proud… 🙂

  13. Darla.. I have lots to say about this… But have been crazy busy today…

    I will try to make it back before bed….

  14. CK- listened to the first one from your church…Good stuff a page full of notes…and man it got me all fired up (in a good way), I am teaching a womens group on this in the fall over 10 weeks… thanks..God knew just what I was looking for, and sent you with it! I love when HE does stuff like that…have a goodnight…

  15. God is Good in that way wait tell you see my post for the Blogged Bible Study…. 😉

    I will be be traveling the next 2 days.. So I will be around when I can.

    Good Night.

  16. Robert – i wish i had taught my kids to be better thinkers – to weigh what is right and wrong. To evaluate what I say as they get older to see why mom & dad think the way they do. I agree they need to become thinkers.

    Darla – this was a great post. I have thought through the day about what has my heart and my attention. Thanks – love you.

  17. tam

    ouch. thit hits where it hurts.

    i have too many idols. my kids. my ‘puter. my dutch bros. little things that start out innocent that i allow to grow and take priority. for me…i have to ask myself what am i looking for in each of those things that i have stopped seeking for in Him. sigh…

  18. Papa said:

    “i wish i had taught my kids to be better thinkers – to weigh what is right and wrong.”

    Papa, regrets are wasted energy and counter-productive. I’m sure you did the best you could at the time. I’m also sure that I am going to make MANY mistakes in the raising of my own children. My only hope is that I improve, if only slightly, upon the methods my own parents used.


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