Sabatoge- Age of Seduction

There are so many distractions in this world, and I need to keep my eyes on Jesus at all times…hey I am not the only need to do it as well.  Last year, I went to see Toby Mac (0ne of my favorite bros), and one of his songs made an impression on my heart that I can not escape from. Maybe its the reality of it that has gripped my heart, or maybe the Truth behind it.  Somehow the jest of it is- we make our minds up to follow Christ and be the parents or spouses, or Christ followers that we are called to be, and then we step into the world, and its like we are “children at a three ring circus”.  Lately I have been practicing keeping my eyes where they belong…on Jesus, and have been more aware of the sabatoge that is before me to pull me in another direction.  Walk into a mini market and the first thing to see is magazines with people less than half dressed…its all going into our minds whether or not we respond to it.  Slowly and strategically desensitizing our morals, poisoning our minds, and setting us up for the fall.  Commericals, how much clothing can be taken off before she just isn’t wearing any? It’s not even leaving much to the imagination. Things we choose to over look are filling our minds, and we need to be praying for God to remove them.

Pornography has been part of my life longer than I like to admit to, and I have seen it destroy little childrens lives, and marriages, and turn people into hideous creatures…I believe with all my heart we are in the age of seduction, the enemy has planned it out well, and has been laying traps to trip up God’s children.  I have heard arguments against this, but think about it. The enemy mocks God.  The enemy knows his time is running out… destroying the marriage and all it stands for in light of the ultimate marriage to happen between the bride and groom (Jesus and the body), this is all like the enemy spitting in God’s face.  Beware!  its everywhere! 

Its hard to keep our eyes on Jesus, the distractions are great and they appeal to us.  Please pray for the men in your life, not condemning them, but praying for them to have thier armor on when they go for milk.  yea! the enemy is that low…and its not just men…women we are as guilty, we need prayer to keep our mind free of fantasy, and lust, and flirting…it all leads to no where. When the television is on during a show that is not bad for you, verbalize during the commerical what is wrong with it..our children are not getting the whole picture of what is not pleasing about a seductive commercial, if we choose to not speak. Last night, a commerical on Lifetime, was for “Army wives”, and it was acceptable to portray that if your man is away, make the best of sex with a harm done.  THAT IS A HUGE LIE!  Don’t let the world sabatoge your happiness and walk with God…keep your eyes on Jesus … Literally!

“How can we sense the tide that’s rising, desensitizing me…while living in the light of eternity….all eyes are on you Jesus, all eyes are on you.” ~Toby Mac



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17 responses to “Sabatoge- Age of Seduction

  1. Thanks for this Darla. You bless my life with your heart and prayers. Thanks for your awareness and vigilance!

  2. Ric- we all need to wise up, and women really need to take their place as a prayer cover over the men, instead of condemning them..this is the war I see that is invisible to most…love you Bro, always in my are a blessing to me!

  3. I’m glad you didn’t ignore women as purveyers of porn. Plenty of women enjoy it as much as men do although we are more visually stimulated than women in general.

  4. Darla .. I need to send you the PDF of the first chapter of the book we Brian and I are writing… This is exactly what Brian and I are trying to get Followers of Christ to realize. We are called to a higher standard.

    I have a few edits to make over the next couple days, but I will e-mail with it…

    Oh…And Debs new avatar…. Does it seem a bit green?

  5. Hover- women are as much into porn as men, yet you are right men are more visually stimiulated…I am finding that the women who have men with this issue are doing little to help them with it…thanks for the comment luv 😉

    CK – I would love to read that…please send it to me…also Deb is looking green .. 😯 😆

  6. AMEN! Darla, excellent post and timely. Lives are being ruined and the enemy is working hard to steal and destroy. The need to pray for our husbands and our children, while keeping our minds out of the gutter, amen, Sister, amen. It IS an age of seduction. Even if the thought is mocked, I do believe the “great apostacy” is on.

    Thanks for holding up the light and calling us to be diligent!

  7. tam

    and look what all this is doing to our young ones. how suggestive they dress. i remember talking to Travis (the high school leader here that escorted kass to her hr. high dance) and we were sittin in the court yard at church during summer. another h.s. student walks by with a mini skirt on (VERY mini) and a tiny tank showing off her tummy. travis looked at her and just shook his head. then he said…why arent we helping each other? isnt it our duty to lift one another up. dont we have a hard enough time with lust in our minds? then he looked at kass and said….”kass promise me you will respect yourself and your brothers in Christ enough to honor God and to want the best for the other in how you dress and act.” it was more like a plea. our kids are struggling and bombarded with this stuff. everywhere! it makes me sad!

  8. Well posted Darla! A warning that all of us need to aware of. Thanks!

    Tam – talks with the kids are critical – I am glad Travis shared w/Kass.

    We need to keep our guard up.

  9. What a powerful post! Thank you, Darla! I was flipping throught thr radio stations in my car yesterday and I heard a young female voice sing something about her kissing another girl and she liked it! 😯

  10. Pretend like I have no misspellings and what not 😆

  11. Michelle- I knew I would get an AMEN out of you, we did talk about some of this last week..yup still on my heart..

    Tam- it is scary how much our children are taking in as acceptable..honestly is is a full time job just to run interference from it with them..Kudos to travis!

    Papa- my guard is up, and trying to keep it real with my kids..not saying they need sheltered from the world, but I am saying they need to be told what is wrong with the picture, and why..and does God have something to say about that…

    Selena- 😆 what miss spellings? 😯 no worries! I know about the radio thing..I was just as 😯 to see it with my eyes on lifetime…dang! stop jammin me..hate it..around every corner something is trying to lure me away from purity…and sometimes it makes me angry. 😉

  12. Awesome post and one that is closer to home than most of us would like to admit.

    This is truly an epidemic and one of the tragedies of our time. I think people need to be more outspoken against it and treat it like the addiction it really is.

    Love you

  13. This is so good Darla, pointing us back to Jesus and keeping our hearts and eyes on Him. So good that you encourage us to pray for our husbands, and talk with our children, and keep our own hearts fixed on Him, there are so many things distracting us and leading us down destructive paths as you say. Excellent stuff, thank you.

  14. The news about John Edwards should help us all realize that “seduction” is very destructive – he just lost his career and maybe his family – a wife who has been struggling w/cancer! Satan is so destructive! Seduction is so powerful. God is with us though!

  15. Dan

    “I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.” – Psalm 119:11

    David’s words provide a very practical way to avoid all sorts of sin/seductions and ‘keep our eyes on Jesus’. I have found that when my heart is full of His word, much of what the ‘world’ presents to my human senses is pretty ugly.

  16. Dan- I agree..staying in the Word is first and foremost importance.

  17. First time I’ve read the post – trying to catch up….

    I’m awed. Thanks for this, Darla… (u know!)

    Help me father 🙂 Thanks for friends who you can speak through…

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