Missing Oregon

I woke up this morning, desperately missing this!  Table Rock!  and all the beautiful places and people who surround it.  I know in my heart of hearts, that somehow, and someday…God is going to get me back there, and has ministry for me to do right there.  HE has caused me to fall in love with this place, to pray for the people of Oregon, to think about them day and night.  Sometimes just waking up the yearning starts.  For today, I have to press on in the service that is given to me here, and believe and trust that HE is already at work laying the ground work for me to be there.  Have you ever felt the “call”, do you know this “yearning”?  Has HE ever caused you to be so captivated by an area that you cry for them?  HE has done this to my whole family…just the word “Oregon”, brings a smile.  (with exception to Lacey-but I am praying HE is working to bring her too)



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28 responses to “Missing Oregon

  1. It looks like it would be fun to climb.

  2. TT- I didn’t get to climb it..although you can..but the picture doesn’t do it justice..just looks like God cut it across the top to use for a footstool…amazing!

  3. oneDirection

    You can climb both of them in less then hour, just have to be willing to get covered in poison oak allowing the way! Be awesome to see you out here some day! Be praying about it!

  4. Tanya

    I grew up in Washington State. My family and I took a trip to New Port Oregon, and I fell in love with it. I so wanted to make it my home. But God had other plans for me, I ended up in Iowa. I find this funny, since I grew up by the ocean all my life. I would move to the coast just for the ocean if I could. I will pray the same thing for you, God has a plan for each of us.

  5. Where do you live now darla?
    I’ve always wanted to move to the pacific northwest.

  6. Shell- I am missing all the things I didn’t get to do with you while I was there..that is now another reason I have to come back!

    Nate- I live in PA, and it is beautiful, and lots of ministry here as well..but the heart call…is NorthWest…and after seeing it with my own eyes…nothing else will do.. **sigh**
    Tanya- I think you know just what I mean!

  7. I have a passion for Sweden – I love the country and the people. It is a beautiful country! i want to go back some day – but for now I am here – and I will minister as my feet go forward here. Robin has a good post that compliments your post today.

  8. Thanks Papa-can’t wait to hook up with you..please pray that the new administration for this school district will still give me the same days off…no one is allowed time off the first week of school..unless dying…although do you think they would believe me if I tell them it will near kill me if I don’t get to michigan this summer? 😉

  9. We wuvs yous…..let us know your arrival date!!!! SMoochy!

  10. I’ve got that urge….

  11. I mean hi jack…. sigh

  12. Must hold back…… 😉

  13. Ha.. if you look at the recent comments list it looks like it says… Missing Oreo. But I guess that is part of what you miss….

    Darla…Continue to trust in the God most high, if it is in his will you will be where he needs you to be.

  14. hahahahaha been hijacked , eh? 🙂 you know i will take a turn..

    CK- i saw that too! I was laughing to myself that all my commenters are missing oreos..but then I sadly realized someone had finished off my oreos..so I will stop there shortly and get some more…I guess I am missing Oreos…and BTW they taste better in Oregon. just saying…

    Everything must be by HIS hand..I spent too many years walking outside HIS shadow, that I don’t go with out HIM anywhere..slightly paranoid, would you say?

  15. tam

    i love it! His foot stool! GO GOD!!!

    yah. we’re missing you here big time Princess!!! arent we Debs!?!?

    oreos DO taste better in Oregon. it must be the company 😉

    and the “recent comments” is hilarious “Missing Oreo”

    nothing worse than a mossing oreo!!! im on it!!!

  16. hahahaha I love you! I knew I could count on you to help me find missing oreo…if I find it..I will share..I have good intentions. 🙄

  17. holy crow. that picture looks just like our property in south africa. i kid you not.

  18. Growing up I attended a church camp in West Virginia (Almost Heaven). That area is still my favorit place on earth. I was born again in Colorado at a Young Life camp (Rocky Mountain High) so that’s a close second. Ironically, John Denver has a song about both places…thank God I’m a country boy! Yeee Haaaa.

    Nowadays, I just go out to my backyard and hang out in my cabin. I like to be alone and think deep thoughts. There was a popular poster in the Seventies that said, “Sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits.”
    That’s me to a tee.

  19. oneDirection

    Darla, next time! Promise, things should be less crazy! At least I hope! Love ya!

  20. Now don’t make us nervous about you not making it to Michigan! We are counting on it! Just three weeks to go! Luvs you!

  21. Alece- now I’m confused…just kidding…but I am also in love with Africa, and hoping to go on a missions trip maybe next year..have a friend who lives there you can check out her blog on my roll Deborah..I think you’ll like her. thanks for coming over to see me!

    Bad- I remember that poster and I had one too! and that is so me too!

    One D- we still have to get that ink…don’t forget and leave some room so that is not the excuse..Love you!

    Papa- its still a plan..just have to have a meeting on friday to make sure all is well! 😉

  22. from Nemo to Shell- “awwwwwwww you made me ink” hahahaha 😆

  23. when you come visit deborah, you’ll have to stop in and see us too! we’re only about 3 hours from pretoria. (is that really where she’s based?)

  24. yes, I want to visit her sooooo much, and I get there I will definitely look you up!

  25. oneDirection

    lol, favorite movie of all times! When are you coming down next? The sooner the better if you want any room left over for a tat!

  26. I sometimes wake up missing Guam. Funny how that happens. Beautiful picture!

  27. That’s exciting Darla, knowing that God has purpose for you and your family in that beautiful place.
    Yeah, I relate to feeling strongly connected to places and sensing that God may have a purpose there in the time ahead. Mostly, I feel that about my home of New Zealand 🙂

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