Something that needed to be said!

Selena has a video posted, that although she seriously made me crack up early this morning and spray coffee, she has made a very good serious point.  If you are considering becoming a Christian, read the Gospels, talk to someone who is, but know this…we are not “Holier than thou”, we are not sent out to point our “spiritual finger”, and to condemn someone…we are saved by grace, and you can be too.  God is doing a work in us, and changing our hearts to be more of a picture of HIS son.  It’s really not about “what would Jesus do” its more about doing it.  This video was like medicine to my heart!  I don’t have all the answers, and I am okay with telling you, “I don’t know”.  I know the One who does know all the answers, and I would love for you to know HIM too.  Christians are people…we live and we love, we laugh, and raise our kids, put our pants on the same as everyone else…we just have been forgiven, wouldn’t you like to be truly forgiven of things from the past?  It is totally freeing!! Its not about becoming a stuffy, better than everyone else, Sunday church clubber…Its so much more, and all good.  Jesus doesn’t discriminate…HE frees captives, and wants to free you.  If you want to know Christ, and have questions that you would rather keep private.  Then I suggest that you check out the link at Not Religion there are pages of questions and answers.  Being a Christian is not about religion, its about relationship with the only One who can help, who can free, who can save.  Why would HE?  HE loves you so much that HE sent HIS son to die to build a bridge to himself, so that you and I could come into fellowship (relationship) with HIM.  Awesome huh?



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11 responses to “Something that needed to be said!

  1. Thats what makes me sing – that I can have a relationship with him and that He wants a relationship with me! wow! Now to let others know!

  2. May I say, Selena is pretty darn awesome.

  3. Praise God!

    “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” ~Jesus

  4. Thanks, Darla for the plug! 🙂 I am at my momma’s house as we are preparing for a hurricane that is headed our way. We may not have service. Take care and talk to y’all later! 🙂

  5. Thanks all for commenting such awesomeness! i do love my faith family from blogsville!

    Selena-praying for you all not to get a hurricane, and for your safety. Love ya!

  6. Stay safe in the hurricane.

  7. We aren’t holier than thou????? Dang!!!!!!

    I love this! I’m ok with saying I don’t know either…I’ve been wrapped up before in trying to explain the mind of God to someone….wow…not happenin!

    Being in a relationship with Him ensures that I will grow at His pace, in His time….this really ministered to me sista! Love you so much…and uh…where da heck are you?????


  8. tam

    wouldnt you say, to some extent, it is the unbeliever who has given us the ‘holier than thou’ title? for one of two reasons…because we ‘act’ as if we are…or they feel as if they’re less (even tho they are not)? hmmm…just a thought that popped into my head!

    Lord knows i am as human and fleshy as they come. whoooooo-hoooo! Lord, thank you for grace!!!

  9. 1Godsgal

    where da heck are you?????

    Thanks for asking! 🙂

    We had a hurrican head our way and I was at my parents. Thank God it turned into a tropical drepession and othing serious happend.

    Thanks Darla for the prayers. I appreciate it!! 🙂

  10. Tam- hear you! those are all possiblities, and I can think of examples for both and some for ones who should know better, but somehow i think we read different bibles..I don’t know :/

    selena- glad that hurricane changed up..been thinking about you all day

    Yeah 1Godsgal- where da heck are you??

  11. Tanya

    You know, it does take work to build a relationship with Jesus and not judge others. I have done all those thing that the women on the video said. It makes me feel shame that I may have cause people to walk away from their decision because of me. I love people now and I pray for them, I try not to be judgemental. I want to be a good example of Jesus and not someone who turns others away from Christ. I really am glad that I came to your blog, that is such a good reminder. God bless you. From Tanya

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