God Sings

Zephaniah 3:17

17The Lord your God in your midst,The Mighty One, will save;

He will rejoice over you with gladness,

He will quiet you with His love,


He will rejoice over you with singing.”


Read this and take it personally… your God , your Creator…rejoices over you.  Your King quiets you with HIS love, and sings over you.  Can you even wrap your brain around that?  I try…I  believe it is the romancing that the One who created romance, is pouring out on us..if we let HIM.  Why would we not want HIM to do that? 

I can not wait to hear what God sounds like singing!! I know it will be the most beautiful thing I have ever heard and will ever hear……HE sings…over me…over you…a divine love that compares to no other.  This is my motivation to pray to know HIM more and love HIM more.

What motivates you?



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18 responses to “God Sings

  1. HW

    Mmm… I just got the move overwhelming peace reading this post. It truly is amazing, and no… I cannot completely wrap my brain around God singing over me.

  2. What motivates me – I am trying to put it to words as I type. I think I get overwhelmed trying to understand why He died for me – ultimate sacrifice. I once heard it described like this:

    If I saw a drunk about to be ran over by a car and I couldn’t get to him in time, but mama was closer and I shoved her in front of the car knocking him out of the way, saving his life, but losing mama in the process. Nope – don’t think I could do that. But God did that with his son!

    I never thought about God singing – oh my – He created music!

  3. Wow- I love this verse … but your statement: “I can not wait to hear what God sounds like singing!!” totally floored me. Imagine that. I mean, I’ve thought of angels singing … but God … wow. I do wonder what that sounds like! I think I would be in tears from the first note.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog! I see you everywhere – so nice of you to visit!

    And yeah – the term “Christian Zionist” is a relatively new one (except for Michelle who beat all of us to the punch). Mostly those who use the term are seeing us in a not-so-complimentary way … but then, those same people don’t see Zionists (Jewish zealots for the land) in a favorable light either. Which is why.

    Again – thanks for the visit! It was great to see you!

  4. Yeah, I beat ’em all to the punch!!!

    I love this, Darla!! I want to hear Him sing. I’ve felt Him sing to me in my heart…but wow, to actually hear Him. What a day that will be!!!


  5. I love that one who created romance would want to romance me…it causes me to stop in my tracks and look at HIM with amazement, wonder, and just adoration…love – pure- unadulterated – no ill motivation…just love that moves heaven and earth sometimes to just get our attention…AMAZING

  6. YAY! She’s back!!! I LOVE the picture!!! wow…

    What motivates me? A cattle prod! 😆

    Motivation for me comes with the patience of others. I get off track, I make mistakes, I’m far from perfect…but that unconditional love and patience really works for and motivates me to be better.

    Love you princess!!!

  7. oneDirection

    Darla, it’s amazing to think that we have someone singing for us huh? Man I can’t help but get lost in that thought. What motivates me, the fact that I have someone in my life that no matter how many dumb things I may do He is always there, having that positive influence in my life only makes me want to do my best!

  8. First that picture is just beautiful!!! This verse is my “go to” verse when I feel anxious! It never ceases to calm me and make me focus on Him. I don’t want to miss His song!!!

    Love you lady!

  9. this is one of my favorite verses… even though i don’t think i always believe it. why is that!?

  10. Mandy- I think we just can’t wrap our heads around what that would sound like..but I believe it is the most beautiful sound we have yet to hear!

    Steph!!!!! hey sweet, been missing you..love you!

  11. Heidi

    What motivates me… The beach, His word..
    My very special girlfriends.

    The sunset.

    Love you my special girlfriend Princess.

  12. Heidi- you are my special girlfriend Princess too!! and your friend last night was right!!! 😉

  13. A really colorful verse about His love for us. I need to learn to accept that love too…it’s hard sometimes.

    Papa…I noticed your comment about why he died for you. My question for you is, why not? Is there something so special about you that he would not include you? Didn’t he come for all mankind? What makes you stand out? Please, understand, these questions are not meant to be hurtful, rather thought provoking. I apologize in advance if it came off strong…but it had to be that way to get your attention…at least it did for me when I asked that question and got this response from a respected clergy member…

  14. hey Lori! thanks for stopping by ..hope to play FIF with you this week..I have been missing playing.
    Gods love is amazing and sometimes I have trouble grasping it too.

  15. Lori – Jesus died for me – that is God’s forever grace! wow that is exciting! That a father would sacrifice his only son – wow – again – that sounds so trite. But he did it for each and every one of us. I am not sure I am any clearer! :o)

  16. I am always amazed how God leads us somewhere, like this website, this verse at this moment. I just came in from making the bed, and I was singing a new song to the Lord. When I sat down at my computer, I felt Him saying: “You’ve just joined me as I was singing over you.” So I googled the words: “He sings over you” and it led me to THIS page. Oh my, is He good, or what???? Thank you so much for this awesome and timely entry. God is walking so closely by our sides 24/7, that it makes me want to cry.

  17. Carrie- thanks for stopping by or should I just say Thank you Jesus! HE is awesome in leading us to what we need for confirmation, and I love that too, right now I am near tears that HE would use me to confirm anything to anyone..hope to see you again!

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