Hope Stealers…just say NO

I have written about hope before…but it seems to me that if the enemy can steal your hope through well meaning people, he still has your hope..and what is a life without hope…

Has anyone recently tried to steal your HOPE? I am battling this right now, and the bottom line is NO YOU CAN NOT TAKE MY HOPE! HOPE is a gift from God and no one has the right to take it from you. It doesn’t matter if they are more educated or if they use 100 dollar words, God has not given them the right.

We all have gifts that the LORD has given to us, and we are different , because we serve a God who is happy with Diversity, and wants us to be the same. Accepting one another , and edifying each other is what we are sent out to do. (YES spreading the Gospel is our first goal) Fellowship with believers is encouragement to our souls, and we need it. It makes all the difference in how we respond to others. If our emotional needs are not met, it is hard (if not impossible) to reach out and help someone else. Jesus will meet those needs, and at times HE sends someone into your life to be HIS hands and feet, HIS voice…Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. Believe that!

Its not my place to judge or to become prideful, as I look at others. Its my place to Love and to be an example of Jesus. I do think HE smiles on me, and that HE is not against me, HE is for me. I believe the same for you. HE is not standing around thinking of how HE can mess up your day, or how HE can trap you in a corner and demand submission. HE does want us to be submissive, but what I have found to be true in my life is this same submission is motivated by Love. The more I come to know HIM the more I love HIM, and in return the more I want what HE wants.

What is the purpose of having so much knowledge that you can not communicate with people? There is no love in making someone feel lesser or dumb, or that they have no place near you as you have risen above them. What good is it to have gifts and not have love? The Bible says they are useless. When I finish this journey, I want to see HIM face to face, and I do not want to hear…I never knew you. I want to hear, “well done” , and that is the journey I am on, believing that I will hear that, and knowing that if I can not show love, then I am lacking in the area that is dominant. I need more Jesus in my life, in my heart and on my lips.

Jesus showed compassion to the people. Love. HE loved them, and they did not know HIM yet. The ones that HE showed anger to, and divided were the Pharisees, and Saducees….I don’t want to become so intelligent that it becomes my salvation, and a right to treat people with less respect. I was one of those people that Jesus touched with compassion, and I know HE broke through a heart of stone, and taught it to love, and to trust HIM. I love the life I have with HIM, and I don’t want the other. So, NO YOU CAN NOT TAKE MY HOPE! MY HOPE IS IN THE LORD. AND I WILL NOT BE MOVED!







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20 responses to “Hope Stealers…just say NO

  1. What is the purpose of having so much knowledge that you can not communicate with people?

    What a profound question. I think of scientists. They get so wrapped up in wanting to prove there theories that the theories become there existence. They forget the original question and get frustrated when the results don’t turn out as expected. They lose hope in them selves, and theories.

    Only God is absolute truth, so we can only put our absolute Hope in Him.

  2. CK- I tend to think that theologians have all the answers, and although that is wrong…I tend to allow them sometimes to take my hope…GOD is working on me in this area…and I am making progress..not staying down as long…and I do love education…My HOPE is in HIM, and my eyes need to stay there..running this race to win..

  3. Hope and faith go hand in hand – if you lose one the other will go also! The last verse of 1st Corinthians 13 describes three essentials – faith & hope are two of them – the third one will keep the other two string! love you Darla –

  4. Whoops! String should be strong! lol

  5. love you too Papa! I am looking for verse…but need to run…maybe you can find it for me…Jesus talking to the disciples …”Do not argue with them(Pharisees), they will steal your faith”

    HE spoke that to my heart last night…and this morning restored me to where I walk and love on HIM…so silly to take our eyes off of HIM and put them on man…anyway…I am loving me some papa and mama!!!

  6. Darla – Matthew 23 gives lots of warnings by Christ about the Pharisees but I couldn’t find the verse you are referencing.

  7. Dan

    Probably Romans 14:1

    I have found it helpful, from personal experience, to remember that when someone expresses an opinion that is different from mine, he is not necessarily arguing or even wanting to argue. I have also found out that when someone points me to perhaps deeper meanings, he is not calling me stupid. I have wrestled with thinking I am being picked on every time someone suggests something different than my idea or thought. Ask my wife.

    My Dad had the same problem. He bought my Mom either a small organ or a piano and whe had really wanted the other, and lovingly said so. My Dad went nuts.

    Whether I was right or wrong is not the main issue. I needed fixing and I still work on it. As a believer I have a ‘leg up’. God is busy conforming me to the image of His Son. One one hand I need to let some stuff be ‘water off aducks back’. On the other hand I need to guard against wrong perceptions on my part. Either way, according to God, it’s a win/win situation if I get out of His way.

    Disclaimer: The above statements are intended to be helpful and pertain only to my own learning experience. In no way are they intended to imply that I think I know anything about Darla’s current issue.

  8. AMEN! Dan, Thanks..for sharing…have to go to work..

  9. Don’t forget that your hope can be stolen when the enemy persuades you to put unwarranted hope in a person. The only one we should hope in and on is our Lord.

  10. Darla: This is long overdue…. I’m just plain sick of the “attitude” and false humility that goes along with this way of “teaching the gospel”….I wish you could hear me clapping and cheering for you right now!!! You know I am!!!

    I love how you have the ability to take any situation and turn it into a lesson from the King….and apply it to your life so well…

    Love you!!! Sorry you have to work such a long day…
    😦 Praying for strength …. 😉

  11. Of course nobody can take your hope from you, why would you thnk they could?

  12. Hi Darla, Sorry to be off topic here but I have EXCITING NEWS! I got to meet up with Gchyayles at Heathrow on her way back to America! God is amazing, I’m so excited about it – have written about it and put up a pic today, just in case you’d like to see, love and God bless.

  13. It is hard for me to deal with insecure, killjoys. God always turns it around as confirmation that I am on the right path.

  14. Nice recovery 😉

    I know your heart. I love it 🙂

  15. Hi again, as I read this, I thought of that verse in 1 Cor 13 “and now abide faith, hope and love” because you touched on these three here, so great! 🙂

    I love what you said about God’s love, and how it can soften a heart of stone and how it changes us. I really want to grow in my love for others more and more to follow Jesus’ example as you say.

  16. tam

    dont mess with darla!!!

    girl! if i could climb…i would get on my roof and yell…”Princess has got a word for y’all to hear!!!”

    i am so feeling this post darla. like someone said already…LONG overdue! thank you!!

  17. My hope is in the Lord and what I know He has in store for me.

    My struggle is in the world and all the many ways Satan tries to mess with me.

    My relationships in the body are to be about the building up and edifying of one another, in a spirit of love and gentleness, even when hard things need to be said…

    No one can steal your hope, Darla. It’s been given to you as your inheritance in Christ Jesus. You have been sealed for the day that inheritance will be revealed. OOOOHHHHH!!!! Can’t wait for that day!!

  18. Sometimes, it seems that we think we are simply painting a more realistic picture to others so that they could act accordingly, not knowing we are snuffing out the hope they have inside, sustaining them to keep moving forward.

    At other times, we think we are being discouraged, or the other person simply wants us to feel bad, when all he or she is doing is trying to make us see at the situation from a different perspective.

    Sometimes its difficult when we have a good intention and it is being interpreted negatively.


    On the other hand, there are also a lot of people who just love putting other people down… for some reason, it makes them feel better.


    I guess, what I’m trying to say is this: we have to examine closely the other person’s intentions. Is he simply trying to steal our hope, or perhaps helping us see the other side of the coin?

    I think it’s important because during our times of trial, it could happen that all that we have is our hope and faith? We lose either, and we’re dead.

    Because when you lose hope, you’d tend to see the darkness, instead of the ray of light shining through somewhere.

    Have a good day, Darla!

  19. Uh-oh. Sorry for the typos.

    I’m TYPO ERROR personified today. 😦

  20. sorry I just worked 25 hours in two days with Track and Field nationals..held here in Hershey PA…although it was a long two days, and lots of driving…I did miss you guys, and hope to get a post up later today! I am loving reading through your comments.

    I do need to say this! If someone steals my hope…then it is my error in allowing that…and just so everyone understands…keeping our eyes on Jesus is the job at hand..then the rest falls in place. I love my HOPE, and no one else can take it from me…now if I can just keep myself in line..mmmmm

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