100% Free, all for GOD’s GLORY

Yesterday, we at Calvary Bible Church had our first Block Party, an outreach to the community.  As I have said before, outreach is also an in reach to the congregation.  All who were there were blessed! God is always good, and watching HIM work is my favorite thing!  Some people from the church that don’t usually show up for things were there helping, and enjoying the fun.  At one point, some counted about 150 people, and 60% of them do not go to church.  Amazing!  There was live music by Praise365, along with the praise band, a puppet show, games, prizes, a dunk tank, and bouncing Giraffe.  Also a ton of food!  Hotdogs, brownies, cookies, rice crispie treats, chips, cotton candy, soft ice cream, drinks.  Did I mention that everything was FREE…hahaha there were a few little boys who kept asking me about different things and asking if that was free too!  For four hours our parking lot was busy, and people were experiencing what FREE and random acts of Kindness were all about.  Here are a few pics…



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9 responses to “100% Free, all for GOD’s GLORY

  1. You guys are soo….soooo….sooooooo special!!!! Love the new avatar! Hey whose the drummer in back? He seems familiar…is he famous??? 😉 Outreach is so important, and you guys do your share…I pray blessing over your family and miss u guys!!!! Love you! 🙂

  2. Deb- thanks! it was a good time, and lots of people I never seen before…but the most awesome thing is how it encouraged people from our church, and caused a closeness that they were lacking.. wow God is good! Miss you guys too! headed over to your blog…

  3. Fun day. Super turnout and beautiful weather. Who’s the guy in the doo rag? bet they never saw that before 😆

  4. I think at first some were shocked, and then they realized they liked it! HA building bridges…cool

  5. I think church events like this are the greatest! I am sure Jesus was pleased!

  6. What a wonderful way for the community to get to know your church family! Great way to build bridges inside and outiside the body.

    I bet you’re tired…but it’s a good tired, huh?

  7. Papa- each time I do these things..I get a strong sense of God looking down on me, and then back to HIS right hand, smiling and saying..Woooohoooo thats my girl..she believes me today!

    Michelle- I don’t know how I would have held up this last week, except for knowing that you were praying, and knowing that GOd had provided a shield for me. It kept me moving..I love you! Praying it all comes back to you 100 fold!

  8. I love you sweet Princess!! I hope you get the sleep you need tonight, been praying you can cuddle in His lap and rest a while.

    Praying still…

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