Waging War

After the last days of feeling like I was walking through water, cloudy brain, and being on edge…you can imagine the relief when I woke up this morning and it was gone.  While having my quiet time, I was just praising HIM that my perspective seemed better, and that HE is always with me.  I love that! 

I have been looking for a few things that I seem to have misplaced since I returned from vacation and this morning, it was totally clear where they were…so I was all about “thank you Jesus, thank you”…and I continued to get ready for my day.  One of the things I misplaced was a CeCe Winans cd that I just bought and only listened to the first five songs.  Knowing that CeCe can bring on the worship in me..I put it on.  Again this prompting in me…”jump ahead to what you haven’t heard yet”..HAHAHA God is good!  This is what I found…causing me to fall into awe of HIM, and remembering fresh all that HE has promised and all HE is capable of..

Waging War

Anoint my head

Anoint my feet

Send your Angels raining down,

here on the battleground

For your GLory, we’re taking territory

Fighting unseen enemies like never before

We’re waging war.

I’m tiired of principalities messin with me

I’m tired of the devil  stealing from me

I promise he won’t get one more thing

I’m taking it back, taking territory

We’re waging war

I’m ready for the battle

I’m ready to win

We’re waging war

My weapon of power HE lives within

We’re waging war

I can’t be defeated

the enemy has got to flee

we’re waging war

I’m taking it back, taking territory

Going into battle

be my sword, be my shield

as we claim the victory over the enemy

In your name you rule and reign.

never being defeated anymore

we’re waging war

Send your fire, fire by night

cloud by day, a strong tower.

Send the Latter rain

Lion of Judah

Lord God  might in battle

Since you did it back then

we know you’ll do it again.


Does God ever speak to you through music?? I just love when HE gives me a new song on my heart, and that it encourages me like it does!  (This is also a direct result of all my soldiers….praying me through..love you and thank you)



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24 responses to “Waging War

  1. Yeah… Music is one of the main ways I hear God.

    Lately it has been Johnny Cash, American V. and My Mothers Hymm Book.

    Both were recorded within the last couple years of his life. His voice is week in some, but the humbleness and passion as he sings is captivating. God has moved me through not only the words in the music, but that humbleness and passions of Cash.

    Here is a link to a great song and video by Cash.

  2. Music?????? God speaks to me through movies….. maybe coz I watch too much tv….. hmmm lol

  3. CK- mu hubs can play some Cash, and pretty much all types of music…so although I do not have that gift..I do love music, and there have been times when listening that HE has brought me to my knees and touched my heart in ways that are indescribeable, but life changing. Thanks for coming around, I do enjoy your comments.

    bajan!! bro! Don’t tell me you do not love CeCe… 😉
    been praying for you and I love your emails and updates..please don’t think I have forgotten about you for a minute! We are involved in a big out reach this weekend, and God has blessed and blessed and blessed some more…I can just see HIM holding HIS hand out to the people in my area, and I am humbled that HE would let me work beside HIM. I know you know what I mean 😉 love you bro

  4. Run to the Battle – Steve Camp

    Some people want to live
    Within the sound of chapel bells
    But I want to run a mission
    A yard from the gates of Hell
    And with everyone you meet
    Take them the gospel and share it well
    And look around you as you hesitate
    For another soul just fell
    Let’s run to the battle
    Run to the battle

    Do you have your armor on
    We’re in the middle of a raging war
    We’ve been training for so long
    Have we learned to use His sword?
    We may not be ready
    But we serve a mighty Lord
    And He’s made us more than conquerors
    So what are you waiting for?
    Let’s run to the battle
    We got to run, run to the battle

    He has trampled down the enemy
    And has given us the victory
    When we pray we learn to see
    That His army
    We are marching on our knees

    There’ll be times when we grow weak
    Let’s keep our faith alive
    Let your faces shine with glory
    For He’s helped us to survive
    And in that final hour
    When you feel like you’re ready to die
    Will you hear the trumpet sound
    Will you hear the warrior cry
    Run to the battle
    We got to run, run to the battle

  5. love Steve Camp!
    Dan- do you always remember that we are in a battle? I tend to forget…only momentarily til I can’t figure out what or why so much of a struggle…in the ministry I am in I am learning to remember…and learning to stay in the shadow of the Lord…do you know what I mean?

  6. I enjoy music – i like soft Christian music in the background when I have my devotions. mama wants peace & quiet during devotional time.

    When we get up we put the radio on – usually it is playing old hymns or southern gospel.

  7. That’s a theme sonf of sorts – it’s been ringing in my head for a lot of years now and part of the title of my blog. The other inspiration is R. Arthur Matthews’ book, Born For Battle, about spiritual warfare. I don’t go looking for demons behind every bush, but there is a batle for souls and a battle for truth. And I think I know what yuo mean about walking in His shadow.

    Do you visit Steve Camp’s blog?

  8. I hear God through music.
    I hear him in silence.
    I see him in the streets.
    I also hear him in blogs.

  9. I love your new header. Lovely!

  10. tam

    BT is So beautiful!

    yes. He speaks to me through music, all the time. there is nothing like getting lost in a song with Him. i literally feel as if i am snuggled up in His arms and we’re dancing. just us. just. us.

  11. Oh yes, I hear Him in music…like Tam sometimes it’s like a hug from Him!

    There is a little something for you at my place..pop in when you can!


  12. Dan

    Perhaps I should clarify something about my posting the song from Steve Camp – “Run to the Battle”. I thought it spoke more to the topic of Waging War than how God speaks to me.

    Since there was also the question: “Does God ever speak to you through music?”

    In all honesty I might have to say ‘not really’. Or I might respond: ‘maybe in a passive sort of way, but not directly’. God speaks to me mainly through well. . .His inspired written Word. Of course I know others in here also probably feel the same way but maybe didn’t exactly express that sentiment, and that’s OK.

    The only point I am making (non-offensively, of course) is that I have seen in some circles (not here) of the enemy having gained a lot of ground in the lives of believers with the notion that one need not rely principally on scripture to hear from God, but also listen to a broad range of other ‘stuff’. There is even something called ‘trance dancing’ that even has at least one ‘club’ dedicated to REALLY feeling God in a ‘rave/mosh pit’ sort of way that is said to be far superior to the usual, more sedate forms of worship that focus on 7/11 choruses and such.

    You can learn more about this exciting new way to REALLY worship here:


    Disclaimer: Any sarcasm, or even perceived sarcasm in this comment is not directed to anyone in this blog post.

  13. I hear you Dan…what I listen too is full of scripture, and very grounded..or I don’t listen..so I am agreeing with you 😉

  14. “Does God ever speak to you through music??”

    I use to write psalms when I was in times of trouble and difficulty.

  15. Dan

    Darla, that’s a good point. What about the Christian music we listen to? It’s a pretty safe bet that the more scripture/doctrine/theology in the lyrics, the stronger the message to our hearts.

    The musical ‘style’ is important, in my humble opinion. There are those who say that it is neutral, but I disagree. But then again, I’m old. . .

  16. Yes Darla…you know music moves me in a huge way. Even worship music with no words…I’m lost in His pressence and constantly find myself saying “Just a little more, Just a little longer Lord”….hmmm I feel a song comin’ on. Love you!!! Beautifully written…but then…it’s from a princess 😉

  17. ramsey72

    It seems that God uses music to confirm to me what He has already spoken to me in the Scriptures. One that has been in my head all week is The Stand by Hillsong United. You should check it out…..great song! I even made it my ringtone on my phone!

  18. I LOVE Cece Winans! Good stuff. God ministers to me through music a lot! Especially praise music.
    Much love,

  19. oneDirection

    Music often speaks the words that we seem to have trouble finding! Still have a little while before the move, we had to work some things out so it has put us on hold for another month! Love ya girly!

  20. you have no idea how much I love this song. I have it stuck in my head now!

  21. It’s ok, Darla 😀 Thanks for the update 🙂 I’ll be praying for the outreach… and I always lift you guys up….

    I know exactly what u mean 😀

    And OK… I do love CeCe… and Israel & New Breed

    “You are Alpha and Omega… We worship u oh Lord…. u are worthy to be praised! We give u alll the glory! We worship u oh Lord you are worthy to be praised!!!!!” That’s one of my favourite songs right there…

  22. bajan- you always know my heart…love ya!

  23. Cassandra

    good after noon ladies, i just heard this wonderful song on the internet… the song really spoke to my heart, the very words are exactly how i feel. i’m like oh my who is singing this song!!! i couldn’t make out the voice so i just googled “gospel song – waging war” and your blog is the first thing that came up with the very words typed out. i started jumping up and down!! God is sooooo good. i’m now on my way to buy this cd, by CeCe. thanks for your wonderful blog!!!

    take care and God bless you all.

  24. Great, i found what i ‘ve been lookin for

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