Do you believe in the power of Prayer?

I believe in the power of prayer, I will not pretend I understand it completely, but I do know that the hand of God moves on behalf of HIS children, and HE has called us to pray.  HE has called us to pray for each other, and also to cry out to HIM on our own behalf.

I am amazed at the answers I have recieved in prayer.  Some of them “yes” and some of them “no” and some of them “you are going to have wait”…but all answers.  Today , I felt the answer to prayer from some others who are praying for me.  I know that there was a time when I would have tripped up like I did yesterday and it would have taken me months to talk about it, or to reach out and let someone help me.  But I am growing, and learning, and today I knew without a doubt that my ability to move on and live free was a direct result of prayer, and my Father answering “yes” to them.  I am honored that someone would pray for me.

If you would like someone to pray for you, and don’t know where to start…checkout Deb and let her know, she is organizing some prayer partners, and honestly, if you need some prayer that is a great place to start.  Prayer is a powerful gift given to us.  If you gave your children an awesome gift, wouldn’t you want them to use it?  I think HE sees it the same way.



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4 responses to “Do you believe in the power of Prayer?

  1. If you gave your children an awesom gift, wouldn’t you want them to use it? Great point! Enjoy God and live in His love.

  2. I LOVE praying!!! It is a time to “connect” with God…..I’m like you, can’t explain it nor do I care to, all I know is, IT WORKS! It makes me feel so much closer to God and I feel like I’m always in communication with Him….I always start ALL my prayers with “AND”… that way, it never stops!!

  3. makarios- do you have a blog? I can’t connect 😦
    but thanks for stopping and commenting.

    OCD-we are alike…sometimes I don’t like to end my prayers, and I just say something like..I am on my way to do this or that..why don’t you come along…as if He doesn’t know, or as if HE isn’t to keep the communication open.

  4. God is best made known to me by his anwers to prayer in my life. Answered prayer is what makes faith grow quickly in the lives of young people!

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