Feeling Blessed

This last week we have been really busy with communicating to our community.  My son helped me talk to business’ to post flyers for a Block Party where everything is free! Can you imagine that?  Just like the Grace of God and the salvation that HE is holding out to us..totally FREE!  We (my son and I) were amazed at how GOD went before us.  We did not have one person who was rude, or unpleasant, and our brightly colored invitations are speckled throughout our community.

This morning we waited at our church to see who would show up to help with doorhangers (more invitations).  As this is the first time for my church to do this, I wasn’t sure who would show up.  But God provided again! There was eleven of us, and we split up and got 200 doorhangers out to the needy areas of our town. (We could have used another 200, note for next time)  We were all done in one hour!  So now nothing left to do for it but pray through it, and pray to be a bridge to our community.

I am invovled in a new study on line, and you are all welcome to join or go to the blogs who will be posting.  If you are interested in participating or even just to read the blog posts that are involved, you can check it out at Carl’s and click on his page “Bible Study”.  We are starting this tomorrow and for one week we will all look at John chapter one.  I am excited to see what others see and learn as well as myself.  Everyone involved is on my blogroll.  So check it out!

(I recently gave my blogroll a makeover…so if you are not there and want to be there..let me know.  If you are there and wish not to be..let me know.)



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9 responses to “Feeling Blessed

  1. tam

    this is SO awesome Princess! i can’t wait to hear, or read, how it turns out.

    we still have dereks shirt. are you SURE you dont wanna come back to get it???

    i love you and miss you terribly!

  2. Sounds like you all were super busy this morning!!!

    This sounds like it is going to be quite an outreach to your neighbors…praying that they see, feel and smell Jesus on that day!


  3. I’ve thought about doing an on-line bible study, but everytime I get on-line I end up at a wordpress blog! 😆

  4. Hi Darla! Lookinf forward to reading posts in the bible study.

    Take care and have a good day!

  5. Darla,
    That is so great to hear. What a blessing you all are.
    Much love,

  6. Continue to be a blessing !! Make Christ’s presence known. I may check out that bible study!

  7. Tam- I want to come back for a hug! the shirt no, but for your smile YES…
    Steph, Brainteaser, Angela- always thrilled to hear from you…love you too

    Papa and Selena- even if you want to read the blogs that are posting different days, and just study along..that is awesome..if you want to be in the rotation..just let Carl know on his blog..Hey selena..i do the same thing..seems to me like God fixed that problem..Bible study blogs…now I may be able to do that! 🙂

  8. You sure do a LOT…it’s great!

    He bleses wonderfully!

    Love you, Darla!

  9. Tanya

    God is so good. I am glad that God went before you and that He is providing. I will keep you in prayer and I can not wait to hear all about the big event. Love ya princess, love tanya

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