Writing in Bibles!

Can you imagine, after all the time I took to teach my children not to write in books, I am writing in my Bible, and encouraging them to do the same…Hey when a passage jumps out at you…it may very well be God trying to get a point across, and don’t miss it.  I am also guilty of highlighting things in my Bible that I have categorized…such as…

Pink = promises from God to me

Green = reminders to me that HE goes before me, and protects me, hems  me in, Eph.6

Blue = instructions to the believer in how to live/walk through this world

Red = words that God said (in the OT) , I am not sure why HE was not red in the first place as Jesus in the NT, I mean, come on, they are both God. 

This is all time consuming but it has given me a great love for reading it, and it helps me find what I need quickly…I was greatly disturbed when I seen that the Book store sells a Bible already highlighted and color coded!  WHAT!!  First thought…I spent all that time, and someone already did that!  Second thought…It is good for me to find my own, and spend the time with the Lord in the Word.

SO question…Do you write in your Bible? Why or Why not?  Am I defacing the Word of God?  Just felt like opening this can of worms…and no you can not be wrong in your answer…enquiring minds and all !



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20 responses to “Writing in Bibles!

  1. I write in every book I own. I highlight too.

  2. OH! My poor Bible! My mom always teases me and says: “I didn’t realize they sold yellow page Bibles”:)

    Yes. I write and highlight. I think it pleases Him:)

    Love you, Princess!

  3. During one bible study everyone was shared what was written in their bible’s study notes about a particular passage. Feeling left out I wrote what I felt the passage meant (to me I suppose)… and then announced, “Well the study notes in my bible say:..”

    Everyone laughed.

  4. I used to… but I haven’t done it now in a while.

    The reason is simple – when I feel God tugging me to write, I run to my computer and open up a Word document! coz I can’t write everything in the middle of the Bible itself …

    When I was in college, my first NIV bible was tattered from overuse in a year … and almost every passage was underlined or highlighted rofl

  5. It’s kind of funny but I just can’t bring myself to write in my Bible, even though I think it’s a great idea. I even bought myself another Bible with the intention that I would use a pencil in that one (have to build up to the highlighters :)), but even then, I just couldn’t do it! Why? I don’t know!! I just can’t quite bring myself to take a pen to it. But I do have journal that I keep with my Bible. I write heaps in that! 🙂

  6. Yep, and I just got a new one! I did a post about my new bible! tonight at camp meeting I will start marking it up – and making notes!

  7. I was reading Romans today at lunch, you write in mine too 😆

  8. did I? well I must of been helping..you know..”and I helped”

  9. I sure do…but it has to be in pencil. I find I have to edit my notes sometimes and I want to be able to erase when I write too messy.

  10. ang

    Its honestly the best way to learn scripture…I was telling my Pastor’s assistant about it today.

    When I was younger, I would be so interested in holding on to every verse my Pastor used in a message, that I would write the date of the message and the topic right next to the verse, so when I went back to it, I remembered what it was about.

    I learned a wonderful new one today, that God kinda correlated to something I am working on writing…

    1 Cor 15:10 check it out…its amazing:)

    Love you!

  11. Are you kidding… I have used the same cheap blue(black ink)pen for over 2 years. I underline only but don’t write many notes. I use different marks in the margins if I am reading through a book again so I know what I marked the times I read before.

    I keep waiting for the pen to run out of ink. There are alot of marks in my bible from the past 2 years. I also used the pen to complete homework for my discpleship class I took over the past 2 years.

    I don’t know what I will do if it runs out.

  12. Heidi

    Princess, I used to have one of those color coded bibles, but it wasn’t all that. I want to do my own markings, and yes I have plenty..

    Love you!!!

  13. I have endless tablets, and journals from what I have read and how God moved my heart in them..but underlining in colors seems to help me learn, and help me to remember what I have applied..I seem to forget through time..and somethings are not to ever be forgotten! when I am in need of scripture..finding it in my writings is harder, maybe because I run to the Bible..

    I know lots who don’t ever make a mark in their Bible, but their journals are probably better kept then mine..

  14. tam

    i have written a book of my own in the bible. not like “the gospel of tam” but yes, i’ve written all over it. i high light, i circle, i underline, i ‘dog ear’ pages, i book mark…i do it all. it’s my physical communication and acceptance to, and of, what i am reading & how it is speaking to me. i love going back through and seeing what ive marked. i used to date and give a reason to why ive marked a specific passage but i havent in awhile…i’d like to start that again.

  15. Deborah

    OOOOO color…I’ll have to try that! I just usually underline and date, but yes it is amazing to see where I was a few years ago compared to now. I mostly journal, or document on the computer….

    Love you princess!! 🙂

  16. COLOR! Awesome…I’m going to have to do that. I do write in my bible and sometimes things I wrote down years ago will jump out at me and give me a new revelation or speak to me again. It’s so awesome!

  17. I absolutely write in my Bible… ALL of them!! I was raised by my grandparents (very strict, I might add) and you did NOT write in your Bible… but for some reason, it connects me to God and makes me a PART of Him… I can’t explain but thank goodness my grandparents are not alive to see this…. I’d have to say “God made me do it”…. ahhahahah….

  18. Oh girl! I am a Precept girl all the way. The study method I use to dig in deep and I mark it all up. It helps me to learn and then look back at what I learned.

    Now my kiddos want to mark theirs but they cannot read them yet! 🙂
    Much love,

  19. fotofootprints

    Just one quick comment here….
    I think a marked Bible is a wonderful legacy to leave behind–
    Saying “THIS was important to me!”
    My aunt recently died, and my cousin said when she found her Bible it was as if it was never even opened.
    So—make those notes!! Arrows, underlines, etc!
    You are leaving ‘footprints’ for your grandkids! :o)

  20. Tanya

    I love highlighting and writing in my bible. About every two years I have to get a new bible, because mine is so marked up. I have always encouraged my kids to do the same. Of course my husband will not mark up his bibles and he has asked me not to mark up certain bibles I have. I love to go back and see where God has taken me or has been talking to me. Love Tanya

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