Woke this morning to this song in my head…

Will you worship?  Will you bow down before the LORD and KING?…over and over these questions were rolling off my lips and not just my mind.  Have you ever just thought for a sec that HE really only wants us to worship HIM, love HIM, and follow after HIM?

My answer is yes!  I will worship, and I will bow down before my LORD and KING.  How about you?  Will you honor HIM today, and just give HIM your undivided attention?  That is my prayer this morning for me and for all HIS children, Oh Lord, that we would take our rightful place today, at your feet, full of humility, and gratefulness as we worship the only ONE who is worthy.



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9 responses to “Questions

  1. We started “Family Camp” (Camp meeting) last night – for a week. Each morning at 7am we have prayer time at the tabernacle. Mama and i will try to be there each morning – today I have prayed for my blog roll. Darla, you and your family were a part of that. We have a huge stone altar at the tabernacle – 3′ wide and close to 40′ long. I love to meet Jesus there! today will be a good day with Jesus and mama!

  2. Papa’s making me nostalgic for camp meeting…wonderful memories.

    Yes, I will bow down and worship Him. He is the only One worthy of our praise. I pray He will be glorified through my life this day…

    Thanks Darla for giving the only perspective that is true.

  3. We were made to worship Him…. and to live dangerously in His hands…

    Thanks to Joe for pointing out this song…

  4. Ckr- thanks for the links,.love it! that is so where my heart is at, and falls in line beautifully with what was on my heart this mornng when I woke up. thanks for stopping!

    Michelle- love you! I just know in my heart that you get me..what a sweet gift from God.

    Papa- talking to you last night was awesome…and mama too!! i am always in awe of HIM when I stand back and take in that my life is to be worshipful to HIM. Pray daily that what I say and think and do will glorify HIM in some way. Love you , hug the mama for me!

  5. Darla, I love your heart for Christ. Worship, by no accident I am sure, inspires me.

  6. Heidi

    Yes I bowed and honored Him today.

    I also REJOICED in the blessings HE has given me.

    and soaked up a little grace.

  7. I usually need a truck load of grace…glad our Daddy doesn’t ever run out!

  8. tam

    i HAVE to. it is the ONE thing that sustains me. when i choose not to. i am not the me HE intended me to be. i feel like a fish out of water.

    i. love. you.


  9. Great words of wisdom, encouragement, and truth.

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