Guess who?

You couldn’t guess in a million years!! My princess Lace has a blog!!!  Woot!  so go over and give her some blog love…tell her I sent you..

Lace…I love your precious heart! sorry its a mama thing! 🙂  dang! how can I make this smiley face any bigger!!!


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10 responses to “Guess who?

  1. YES is it true.. I am in blog scared.

  2. it is *

    Crap I already messed up!

  3. you don’t need to worry about spelling…mmmm me and trina 😆 you know us!

    awwww don’t be scared..have fun..

  4. Oh…I wonder if there will still be blogs in 14 years when my daughter is old enough to blog.

  5. ttf-I am hoping that the endless memory of internet does not run out..hahha but it is a cool thing to have them express theirself and to be part of it. thanks for stopping

  6. Deborah

    YAY!!! Here I go to princessvilee!!! 🙂

  7. Heidi

    Wow…. all your little ones in a row.
    What an awesome example you are showing your kids.
    Princess.. I love you!!!

    Have a happy Monday!!

  8. I tried leaving a comment at laces – can’t – says i need to log in

  9. i will check it out with her later… maybe something is not set right

  10. Hi Papa! I’m sorry!! I fixed that problem!

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