Family Circus Randomness

I love my family! Yes now I have said it as clear as possible to the world!  They seriously make me laugh more than anything, their highs and lows all touch my heart in ways I never expected.  I didn’t have much of a family life growing up so this is big to me.  Let me share alittle of what each has done this week that tickled me.

Lace, all princess all the time…LOVE HER!  She has a thing about going to New York as long as she can get free tickets for a TV show. It really doesn’t matter I don’t think which one, just so she gets a chance to be on TV.  She doesn’t want to talk she just wants to see her self, and I want to see her too! 🙂  so we watched this youtube and rolled laughing..have no idea what they said or talked about just watched Lace make her TV debut! Did I mention I love her?? Oh and the show was supposed to air on July 4th…but “Wimbelldum” was on..”like its the President or something and everyone has to watch”!

Trina, a mix between all princess, and all sweets…LOVE HER…after a week of high temps and high humidity…working with CEF teaching Good news club (outside), four clubs a day…she comes in totally looking like a wilted flower..she entered tonight and announced that she is now a “drinker”.  WHAT???  oh she only meant she drinks alot of water.  But I can call her a “drinker” if I want to…don’t think so.

Derek, All boy all the time!…LOVE HIM!  had a long face all day..trouble trying to get a smile, most of the day he just said..”I’m tired”.  I guess sleeping and eating and playing video games will make a person tired.  But then his down mood, got worst…slightly attitude, a little grumbling, pacing the floor…then he told me..”Farve is a Fart”…no I don’t get it..but thats okay..I am sure he will explain it all to me, after I finish laughing! 

Hubs, all Knight in shining armor all the time!  He just smiles or shakes his head…”girls, girls…and that boyyyy” , he seems to be able to control  his laugh, not me…I get in trouble lots for laughing out loud…but dang! they are so funny!

This is my world…love it! and I am more aware that God has a sense of humor..Do you have kids? Do they make you laugh? and is it sometimes when you are not supposed to laugh?  How do you know when to not laugh?



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14 responses to “Family Circus Randomness

  1. tam

    i have the privilege of now knowing completely what you are talking about. all but lace, i can totally see happening!


    cant you all be that cute HERE!!!!

  2. one day..I am sure I will be there and bugging you to walk with me to Dutch..and talking your ear off!!! love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. ramsey72

    He was referring to the fact that Brett Favre asked to be released by the Packers which makes no sense to me because I thought he was retiring…. but what do I know! Yeah….I heard you the other night on the live chat. Glad I got to be a part of it!

  4. This description and my experience point to perfection 🙂

    Only Trina could get away with calling herself a drinker and we agree. Give here a hug for me.

    Derek is a sport’s genius and totally understands that Favre screwed up.

    And Scott, the perfect balance of hard work and gentle love.

    Of course there is you in the midst of all of it. You are the glue Darla.

    Miss you guys!

  5. Tanya

    Oh yes, but since I have a small space to write, I will tell you about my son. Luke is a sixteen year old acrobat. He complains constantly about back pain, leg pain, shoulder pain. But, it does not take him but a second to go out in the yard and do back flips and swan ton bomb the snow drifts. And he wonders why he hurts every where. He is a trip. I am like you, I sometimes can not contain my laughter. And please tell me, do they ever out grow the farting and burping stage? I would so like to know. Love Tanya

  6. Tanya- pretty sure they don’t out grow it! 😆 Hubs and my brothers, and my son…seem to be natural at it..and I am not helping when I laugh…but sometimes it catches me off gaurd and I am rolling!

    Brent- thanks for the love, i miss you too, and will pass on your hug…can’t wait to hear what derek has to say today…and my blondes..well you should really look at the you tube, Lace is right behind the dudes shoulder first in the line of viewers, and totally lost as to what to do with her arms…too funny and you will see the similarities between her and trina.

  7. 🙂 B- pass on the hug to trina..dang ! she comes by it honestly!! 🙄

  8. Yup Yup Yup….love you guys! 🙂 You are some of my favorite circus people!!!! Please give everyone a hug..and uh, did we get blogging cramp from the high altitude kiddos????

    Miss you guys!

  9. deb- derek did put up a new post yesterday…link from my blog…and trina is exhausted she worked 12 hours a day this week..she is now laying on her bed.. 😉

  10. I watched the you-tube – No way do I cook chicken 2 hours!! :o) I will have to give Lace credit – she did fine! Anxious to see your family in September! I am sure we will get some famiiy laughs when you visit!

  11. I enjoyed our chat! when i went to close your video box – there you were! I suspect you were there all the time! sent you an email!

  12. mrsjmann

    I LOVE the name of the Blog!

    I am happy to be part of the “Circus”


  13. hahahaha i ♥ you! i know mamas are supposed to say..stay off the internet..and I am happy you are joining in..feel free to visit any of my blog roll…and tell them who you are…all good people..and alot of fun! love you baby!

  14. Good morning, Darla!

    I just wanna give you some ♥.

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