some pics – just because!

   Praise365 (Scott) and inWorship (Brent) seemed like they were brothers from the word “hello”

  inCahoots(Kass) and trinalove(Trina) loving on each other like sisters that grew up together, but only met last thursday.

  little men!!! “I am Derek and you are not” and “inCahoots” (Kota)  They haven’t stopped talking sports since they said “Hello”

Some one for everyone!  pics of me and Tam will be in the next post…God is so good!  How very awesome it is to see all that God is doing and has created in different places…and then to see how HE takes the heart and causes so much love in it for someone you only just physically met, and makes it feel like you have known and loved them forever.  I am amazed and standing in Awe!



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11 responses to “some pics – just because!

  1. Some of the nicest people i’ve ever met. It really is hard to believe we’re here.

    This totally rocks !!!

  2. tam

    my heart is beginning to weep and dread the coming of saturday…

    i didn’t expect all of this, ya know?

    to all of darla’s readers….she is every bit the beautiful person you see here in this blog plus a million times more! and then some more after that. and her man scott…wow – i just don’t have the right words to describe how gentle and loving he is to everyone!

    you are no longer my friends…you are truly my family!!!

  3. Must not envy, must not envy… too late. I’m gonna have to photoshop my head into one of these pics then I’ll feel better.

  4. Isn’t God amazing how He lets us be a part of people’s lives? Treat that well – cherish the opportunity!

  5. I love my TAM! and Ric feel free to photoshop in…Papa this is all a gift from GOD, and I will always cherish it!

  6. I think that Derek and Kota should have the blog “incahoots”. It definitely fits them 🙂

  7. I’m with Ric, this is definitely bittersweet.

    I love that y’all are feeling the love, but I want some too. (stomping feet on floor like a spoiled brat)

    Truly, you guys did love us last evening through the Live Chat. That was so cool, and to think I was a bit afraid of participating. Thank y’all for letting your love overflow to me.

  8. Heidi

    It’s so awesome to have a VOICE with the words.

    Love you Darla.. I just have to get to PA!!

  9. Is it just me or do they really have some similarity?

    The husbands, I mean

    and the two girls…


  10. Enjoy your stay, Darla! Love yah!

  11. it really is an eerie similarity…but very awesome that everyone gets along so well..soooooo again i have to give God all the glory!

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