We will be live!!

Okay, Tuesday evening…Live chat, if you want to participate show up on Brent’s blog at 8pm Eastern time/ 5pm Pacific time…yes we will all be there…Praise365, Tam, Incahoots, Trinalove, Derek…don’t miss it..its going to be fun!!!  We have been having a blast, and honestly these people are awesome and have seriously captured our hearts..What an awesome gift from God to be here, and to spend time with some real special people. 



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3 responses to “We will be live!!

  1. Hope to be there – if this old man does not forget!

  2. By the way, LOVE your new profile pic – the lion and the lamb 🙂

  3. That was so much fun. Somehow it made me feel that I really know you guys now. I honestly don’t think I could survive a blog retreat, physically that was more than my heart gets in a workout at physical therapy…seriously.

    Y’all all look like you’ve known eachother a lifetime…been friends forever. And that husband of yours…wow…what a voice.

    So cool…thanks for the invite.

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