A Taste Of Unity

Once upon my discouragement…I prayed for the unity of believers to become a reality that I could see, touch, feel in the depths.  My hangup was really simple…Jesus ( the beloved son of God) asks HIS daddy (whom is thrilled with his obedience to death) for unity with the believers.  I find it hard to believe that God doesn’t give his precious son what HE asks for.  But my own perception was clouded with what is theology and what is reality…when actually they need to come together in all aspects of the Word. 

John 17:23…”May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me”. (Jesus Christ)

After many years of traveling on this road, seeking HIM and wanting more and more to be like HIM, this is still my prayer.  Lord, are you not going to aquire unity in the body?  Why does my soul yearn for that?  As I listened to Brent, Tam and the praise team at Table Rock Fellowship…it was so clear to me…

GOD provided for my family to travel across the country, and then provided us good company to stay with…no uncomfortable moments, total awesomeness (yes that is a redneck term). And tonight I saw with my own eyes, the slightest glimpse of unity in the body of Christ.  Absolutely beautiful!!! I am encouraged and ready to move on this road…YES Jesus gets what HE prays for, and HE is praying for our unity…LOVE IT!



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15 responses to “A Taste Of Unity

  1. tam

    wow. you knew “something was up”.

    i know i’ve been saying it to you each day – but i am SO glad you’re here and beyond blessed by your perfect little family!

    i love you all so much!

  2. We see it too Darla and it truly is beautiful!

  3. The Lord is awesome and he is doing exactly what you said. I’ve noticed in my life I’m being connected with people more than ever before. God really is fitting us together in our relationships, friendships more than ever before. I’ve learned not to take lightly new people I meet …

    Jesus loves us, Richie

  4. Life the way it should be, the way we all should have it 🙂

  5. I’m so glad you’ve had a glimpse of heaven…it is remarkable when we experience being One with the Father and the Son through our relationships with one another. His purpose will be fulfilled…completely. 😀

  6. Hey Darla, Beautiful. Simply beautiful. Last night I took a step in unity that I personally was having an incredibly hard time with. To put it nicely there was a time I was wronged by other Christians. It hurt. BAD. I have struggled with these feelings for a year now. Last night I was invited to an event where I would be reconnected with this group. Now to say this, these were not the exact people, although some were, but they were very intertwined with “those” people. So going and joining then was hard. I prayed for healing. I prayed that although wronged by a group of Christians God would heal my heart of the pain and teach me to love unconditionally, forgiving and reuniting me in a Godly way. And guess what… HE DID!

    Last night was wonderful. I was quite nervous the ones I was still so truly hurt by those who would be there. I asked God for help in my attitude towards them to be love and nothing else. We need unity and my heart was open to it no matter what the past looked like. Well there must have been some mercy and grace sent in my direction because the people I would have had a really hard time seeing did not show but there were many faces I missed dearly that did come.

    God brought all the right people. I believe He saw that my heart was in the right place in forgiving them and preparing myself for unity within the body and he spared me. Lovingly.

    For that I am so grateful and know that a healing occurred last night that only He could have done.

    Thanks for letting me share!

  7. What a wonderful experience you had!

    Come by and pick up an award I left for you.

    Love & blessings in Christ–

  8. Reality vs. theology —- I am a reality person – my theology must fit into my reality. It does! I am so glad you are experiencing the unity part – that has to be – we will have that “‘tested” again when we meet – old folks vs young folks – we each play a role. Accepting someone else’s role is the challenge at times.

  9. Hi Darla, it sounds like you had a great experience. I love that we as Christians have something so amazing in common, that we’re all part of Christ’s Body, no matter which local church we belong to, or which country we live in. It really helps build a sense of unity I find, to know that we’re each a part of His Body.

  10. I sooooooo look forward to complete, total, and unending unity in heaven. This will be paradise. Great blog.

  11. What a beautiful post! Thanks Darla. Unity among believers…….what a prayer! It is much needed!

    I am so thankful that God allowed you this time with Tam and Fam (don’t you love how that rhymes?) 🙂 I am slightly jealous, but I’ll get over it. Besides……when my kiddo’s and I go to PA someday…….we are going to hunt you down:)

    Love and Hugs Princess!!!!

  12. Heather – you and kids are welcome..you have a place to stay in PA!! i love how that rhymes!

  13. You will be very sorry you extended that invitation when I announce we are on our way;)

  14. hahahaha Heather..I mean it…let me know when!!!

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