Rockin’ Table Rock

Oregon is a beautiful!  The Hodges are awesome, and it has been just like coming home, maybe a small taste of the unity in the body that we have to look forward to.  GOD is awesome in providing for all of us, and bringing us together.

BTW- to all of you who thought maybe we should have done a background check, honestly God already did all that, we are believing HIM.  However we decided to honestly  take you all seriously and do a background on you all.  🙄  Love you all!

Love- sorry no dirt….

*** Update*** Met Jer and Deb, and they are precious to me!  Thank you Jesus!  and there are more pics on Praise365 my hubs blog…go leave hims some blog love!



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11 responses to “Rockin’ Table Rock

  1. tam

    what dirt? there’s no dirt. we squeaky clean here. yes we are!

  2. Hope you all have a great visit! keep the dog away from your pillow though!


    No…not really! I’m very happy for you and glad to know they’re squeaky clean.

    Have a great time!!!

  4. That’s so great. It must be so fun to see a blog friend in person for the first time. Happy for you all.
    It looks beautiful too. Have fun! 🙂

  5. NO DIRT????
    you can give us a grain or two, yes???

  6. Sorry, this family is absolutely beautiful, and we are loving every second with them. And thanking God for providing such an awesome trip!

    Deb and Jer are totally awesome, and can’t wait to spend more time with them as well…I keep forgetting everyone is not on vacation, just because I am… mmmmmmm

  7. Pretty cool. Now just send me your frequent flyer miles an’ I’ll jet out to Oregon!

  8. Ric- wish you were here! we have to hook up with you and Bad..soon!!!

  9. Hey girl! I am so glad you got a visit in with Tam that is so fun.

    I wanted to invite you to the pilot study I am doing on my blog. It is the study I sent you earlier so you may not be interested but I am trying to fine tune it and make it the best it can be so if you are interested in joining please let me know.
    Much love,

  10. Darla
    no back ground check necessary!
    nope!! These two are perfect!
    Hope your time is thouroughly blessed! Maybe I will get to meet you while you are here! :–)


  11. Enjoy every moment of your stay there is what I say, girlfriend!


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