Seeing GOD today?

Psalm 66:5   Come and see what God has done, how awesome his works in man’s behalf!  (NIV)

We live in an area that when the map shows rain it doesn’t show that it will miss my small community.  Praise 365 posted yesterday about what happened here last evening.  My daughter prayed over me for the break in humidity and barometric pressure as either will affect my allergy ashtma.  But she didn’t just pray, she prayed sacrificially (she is terrified of storms- sits on daddy and suffocates him) for a storm to not miss us, and thunder and lightning..”show us your lights show”.  She walked away not in doubt or indifferent, she walked away believing it was going to happen.  and with in  15 minutes we got it.  She was ecstatic, and giving God praise for HIS great works, HE answered her, and I was painfree with in that same half hour.   Seems insignificant to most, but there is a lesson to us all.  Want to see God work? Then believe HIM when HE does!  We are so stuck on saying things like “I want something big”, “How about parting the sea today and let me cross it”, “it would have rained anyway”. 

The children of God saw the sea part and they walked across it, on dry land…and still they fell in the wilderness and were not allowed in to the promised land, due to their unbelief.  We are as human as them.  I think God would like us to get excited over some things HE is doing in our lives and around us.  I think HE wants our attention and our Praise.  Why would HE show you something big, when you have totally kicked him to the curb, and did not acknowlege HIM when HE sent that bird to sit in your yard to sing for you?  We have become an ungrateful people. 

Good News! We can start today.  Giving it up for God! we give it up for our favorite musicians, favorite policital speakers, favorite entertainers…why not the Creator of the Universe, the one who is in total control?  Clap your hands! Jump up and down!  say thank you over and over and over! No one else is worthy!  Make it personal to you, because HE sees it personal with you. 

Come and See what God has done!




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24 responses to “Seeing GOD today?

  1. tam

    OK, OK!!! I’m jumping up and down.

    no lie!

    right on Darla. RIGHT. ON!!!

    you hit so many nails on the head with this one.

    “Why would HE show you something big, when you have totally kicked him to the curb,”

    “We have become an ungrateful people.”

    “Make it personal to you, because HE sees it personal with you.”

    Our focus can really stink sometimes. We, meaning me, get so ensnared by this silly little world we live in.

    Oh God, I have not given you near enough the praise, adoration, respect, time, love, gratitude, reverence and awe that You deserve… No one is worthy of those things that i give. No one but You!

  2. Tam- I find that in my own jumping up and down and praising him in traffic and whenever …He gives me back that joy…man, we all get ensnared in this worlds traps..HE really knows best-Be still and know.. when we make it all about HIM, He shows us HIS heart is all about us! I love that!

  3. Thanks for the beautiful thoughts. I find it helpful to journal. Years later we can look back on good times and bad and in 20/20 vision that retrospect allows and we can see God’s hand in so many aspects of our lives. I pray God gives us all His eyes that we might see His works in us and around us each passing moment. God bless. -Bryan


    He is worthy to be praised!

    Oh tase and see that the Lord is good!

    I am ready to taste 😀

  5. Children know how to pray and praise. Adults buy books to relearn. or unlearn… watch an expert – he or she is probably right underfoot, literally. Thanks Darla! I can imagine her prayer and praise.

  6. *excitedly running up and down and jumping*

    I know exactly what u mean 🙂 God moves and I am ecstatic! Love to see you work, Daddy!!!!!!!!! Keep on movin’ in my life and in the lives of all my friends here in the blogosphere….


  7. I’ve missed out on so much because of where my “attention” has been focused.

    Father help me to give my all to You. All of me all the time!!!!

    Good stuff, love ya 😎

  8. tam

    me too P365. I let my attention settle on useless and pointless things way too much. i wonder if when we get to Heaven God will show us all we missed?


    love you guys!

    I’m getting so stinkin excited for you all to get here!!!!!

  9. Give it up for God!! I’m right there with you girl.
    Praise Him!

    Ooohhhh that felt good…

  10. bryan- thanks for visiting and hope to hear more from you, thanks for the encouragement.

    gch- hallelujah is the highest praise (CeCe winans comes to mind when i read your comment)

    ric-so very true! faith of a child!

    bajan- brother you keep me sharp in this…give God some glory!

    P365- we all need to be more conscious of the fact that our focus is easily drawn away…but we are growing and learning and I totally ♥ you!

    Tam-we can’t wait to get there with you all either!! Isn’t God so cool to arrange this! *clap clap*

    Hislifeformine- It does feel so good!! we should just want to do it all day long…we were created for it!

  11. Thank You, thank You, thank You Father for the love You have poured out on us. Thank You for Your Son and the new life He gives. Thank You for the Spirit within to guide us in the truth. THANK YOU.


  12. Yesterday was an upper day – today is kind of a downer day! Big emotional high yesterday. But ya know what Darla? It is a great day anyway! Reading all my blog friends posts and comments is a wonderful pick me up! Jesus is so good!

  13. Papa- love you! Today has been sort of a downer for me too, but its all good when my eyes are on thats my plan!

  14. Michelle- thank you thank you thank you the right place to be!

  15. Wow Darla, you are so right about how ungrateful I have become. Sometimes, I sit in my self pity and ask Him for this and that. And because I am so self absorbed I never see it. We have to realize that self pity is a distraction and get it away and look at the creation that God has given us. I would of loved to walked on the bottom of the Red Sea, would I have fallen in the wilderness, probably so. I think we need to let our belief be our own and not follow others beliefs. Your daughter stood in her own belief even with the fear. She was strong and so can we be. So stand fast and believe that God is our Lord and He will get us through anything. God bless you and thank you for that awesome post. Amen

  16. Heidi

    Oh Darla!!!

    My spirit is overwhelmed right now!!!

    Can you see me smiling?!?
    Can you see me JUmping??!
    Can you see me hugging you?!!!

    I love you Darla!!!

  17. Beautiful post and great reminder! Love that sacrifice.
    You speak to my heart here. THanks girl!
    BTW-I am planning on getting back to you with those emails I have just been dealing with a lot here and swamped.
    Much love princess!

  18. robertmark68

    I just had to come over here and let you know that I take extreme offense at your comments over at badguy’s blog regarding the residents of my illustrious and honorable commonwealth!!! 😉 What would you know about driving eh!? You learn to drive in Massachusetts you can drive ANYWHERE!!! (excepting maybe Italy, those people are truly nutz)

    Nice digs ya’ll got ‘ere (did I say that right?) I had to relieve myself of some brain cells to manage that but I think I pulled it off! 😛

    Ciao Darla!


  19. Sir Robert, please accept my deepest apology 😳
    in all honesty I am not a “y’all” girl and I am from the city, I can drive defensively and do it for a living…LOL MASS is beautiful and you all did scare the crap out of me. 😆 I still love you and don’t be offended…keep saying things about PA and I won’t be touched by it at all…Still love ya !!

  20. Darla

    I hope you know it was all in good fun…

    I have visited “the Keystone State” many times when I was stationed at McGuire AFB in Jersey. Being Italian, i loved Philly and i also did manage to get and see some of the rest.

    Ciao for now!

  21. Sir Robert- you and I have been doing this for a while, and i did take it all in fun 🙂 love hearing from you! I think we should hijack Debs blog while she thinks she is taking a break! 😆

  22. ramsey72

    I think that sometimes the reason we miss what God is doing is because we do not want to make the sacrifice. We want the blessings of God as long as it doesn’t cost us or move us out of our comfort zones. It can be scary, but as long as we keep our eyes on God we cannot fail.

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