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Seeing GOD today?

Psalm 66:5   Come and see what God has done, how awesome his works in man’s behalf!  (NIV)

We live in an area that when the map shows rain it doesn’t show that it will miss my small community.  Praise 365 posted yesterday about what happened here last evening.  My daughter prayed over me for the break in humidity and barometric pressure as either will affect my allergy ashtma.  But she didn’t just pray, she prayed sacrificially (she is terrified of storms- sits on daddy and suffocates him) for a storm to not miss us, and thunder and lightning..”show us your lights show”.  She walked away not in doubt or indifferent, she walked away believing it was going to happen.  and with in  15 minutes we got it.  She was ecstatic, and giving God praise for HIS great works, HE answered her, and I was painfree with in that same half hour.   Seems insignificant to most, but there is a lesson to us all.  Want to see God work? Then believe HIM when HE does!  We are so stuck on saying things like “I want something big”, “How about parting the sea today and let me cross it”, “it would have rained anyway”. 

The children of God saw the sea part and they walked across it, on dry land…and still they fell in the wilderness and were not allowed in to the promised land, due to their unbelief.  We are as human as them.  I think God would like us to get excited over some things HE is doing in our lives and around us.  I think HE wants our attention and our Praise.  Why would HE show you something big, when you have totally kicked him to the curb, and did not acknowlege HIM when HE sent that bird to sit in your yard to sing for you?  We have become an ungrateful people. 

Good News! We can start today.  Giving it up for God! we give it up for our favorite musicians, favorite policital speakers, favorite entertainers…why not the Creator of the Universe, the one who is in total control?  Clap your hands! Jump up and down!  say thank you over and over and over! No one else is worthy!  Make it personal to you, because HE sees it personal with you. 

Come and See what God has done!




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