The World vs. God ( as if..)

Our ignorance in what is good for us shows when we choose our ways (the way of the world) over God (HIS perfect way).  Although we have been conditioned in our culture to think and to learn and to lead against God, we are not taught that is what we are doing.  Hopefully I am not confusing you.  As I am a visual learner and a learner by example, showing you what I mean may be easiest in getting my point across.

The world  –  “look out for yourself, be a leader not a follower, be self sufficient, the word hope is a word that is not definite, being first is best, everything has a price, you can run but you can’t hide (haha this was my favorite).”

God’s way  – ” if you save your life, you will lose it / I am the way, I lead you follow /I am your sufficency, depend on me / those who hope in the Lord will be delivered-definite / the first will be last / I already paid the price, Grace is free to you, you can not pay for it / Hide in me, I am your strong tower, and no one can take you out of my hand.”

I think you get the point.  It really is amazing how high and better are the ways of the Lord.  As I am experiencing HIS ways, it is always apparent to me that HE has created and ordained all things, so why would HIS way not be best?  Why struggle with the teaching of the world when we can lay it down and experience stress free living- drug free- while casting our cares on HIM.  Because HE cares for us.  There are so many more opposites in the Word that conflict with the worlds thinking.  There are only two forces in the world…Good and evil.  Evil desires that we do not learn the way of God, as it will deliver us and life will become closer to what it is supposed to be.  (Heaven will be the perfect painfree, curse-free life)  Evil does not care about us, it is all a lie. Good (God) loves and is very detailed in everything you experience, HIS ways are best.



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11 responses to “The World vs. God ( as if..)

  1. the WORD vs. the world. one letter different 😆

    what the “L”

    the difference is the “L”ord our God and His “L”ove for His children.

    talk about your smackdown. don’t get caught on the “L”oosing team.

  2. tam

    p365 – you’re on today! love the “L” thing 😉

    it always confuses when i hear people say they want nothing to do with God because they don’t need, or don’t want, anyone over them. They don’t need someone to “follow”. yet, being in the world is all about following. it’s following the lure of evil or others ideas of what they feel is right and acceptable. they’re just following other gods. and it’s the evil that has deceived them into believing that they aren’t.

    and i really hope i made sense and stayed on topic this time 😆
    im still laughing about the other post!

    love you!!!

  3. isn’t it sad that they just don’t see the lie? Choosing God’s way is so much more freeing! and Tam you did good staying on topic and I am the one today who is having trouble in that area! 😆

  4. Sometimes I really struggle with God’s way vs The world. I am concerned that we are willing to compromise and think we can do a little of both. And yet, God’s way is so free in the spirit if you focus on that.

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  6. Great post Darla! And praise, I love that Word / World…

  7. Hey, Darla! I had a commenter ask me what we were purchased from through Christ’s blood. It was really fun to track that one down…to be transferred from the domain (authority) of this world, to the kingdom of light…to be taken out of the clutches of the evil one, the ruler of this world, to become a bondslave of Christ’s…

    Why would we ever want to go back?

    Thanks, Darla, hope you had a restful weekend. 😉

  8. Praise God that He has given us the privilege to live in His World [Kingdom] rather than the enemy’s world.

    My BIL recently designed a tshirt that said “WORD” with an ^ between R and D and an ‘L’ underneath it saying “take the L out” with scripture on the back. It’s an amazing concept. If we are to live by the Spirit, we have to be in the Word and the world [L] does not have a place in how we receive the Word.

    In other words, right on praise365. LOL.

    Love you Darla 😀

  9. Hey 365, love the L insight! Awesomeness… 🙂

    You are so right Darla!! Evil doesn’t care about us, it is ALL a lie! The enemy comes to rob, steal and destroy….that’s it. He makes us confused, and think wrong things…go the wrong way, then sits back and laughs..what a jerk!

    Walking in the Spirit…..Holy Ghostin….that’s the only way…how many days?????? See you soon! LOVE U!

  10. Dan Cartwright

    Concerning the believer’s relationship with this world.

    “You adulterous people, don’t you know that friendship with the world is hatred toward God? Anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God.” James 4:4 (NIV)

    Those words were for believers.


    An addition to your comment about our purchase for God through the blood of Christ. While we were under the dominion of darkness we were my nature objects of God’s wrath (Eph 2), deserving only the punishment that that God in His justice must deliver according to His own law. That purchase also delivered us from God’s Holy wrath against sin.

    Luv ya’ll!

  11. Hey ALL!!!! thanks for commenting with so many thoughts. I am sharpened by you, and walking this thing out with you, choosing GOd and not the world… HAHAHAHA LOL what the “L”?

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