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Truth-There is Turbulence

If something is worth doing, the road gets a little tougher to get there.  Seems to be the norm in this Christian life I live…or Christ Follower as I would rather be called.  We do an unjustice in evangelism to portray that once you come to Christ all will be smooth sailing.  Not true.  This is not the road to expect the lap of luxury, or constant bright sunny skies.  Sometimes the opposition is so intense that holding on to Jesus requires two hands, raised high, clenched fists grasping HIS robe..that kind of holding on.  BUT it is all worth it!  HE does not let go, we will not be lost in the turbulence.  Every day as I walk closer to HIM, and become more obedient, my highs are higher with HIM, and the enemy steps up the heat.

As we (my family) move into a different level of reaching out and going in search and rescue for the kingdom…we experience new levels to the extent the enemy will go to sidetrack, and cause grief.  We are not left in these situations helpless…no we are powerful in the name of Jesus.  HE will always provide for us, HE will always guide and direct, HE will always succeed in HIS plan. HE is unstoppable!  What a wild ride!  There is no place for compromise here, my GOD is in control and HE rules…

If you are in ministry, and you are holding out the gospel, expect some opposition, but also expect our God to walk you through the fires and not get burned…through the flood waters and not drown..HE knows the way, hold on tight, and believe.  Life is to be lived here as well as Heaven…Live it for HIM, with reckless abandon…this is all a journey to get back home.  We have FOREVER to live without the enemy, don’t let him stop you..Jesus has the authority over him…and has given you the power of using HIS name…use it! 

Thank you Father God, you are the King of Kings, and nothing will every get past your knowlege or sight.  You know the plans you have for us, help us to find the ones who are crying out for you, help us to have the endurance we need to  hold on to you, and still reach out.  There is none like you, and the enemy is under our feet in your sons precious name!  We love you, and we need you desperately, we know that every breath we take is ordained by you.  On the journey to get back home, and wanting to leave no one behind.  Your princess who is overwhelmed with the needs of this world, and knowing you are the only way.



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