new blogs I am loving!

I have been out in blogville and have found some new blog family and love love love them!  When you get a chance to visit, you will be glad that you did!   love his heart! wow Jesus is on him and I love his sense of humor!  He recently has a post with a link to tominthebox…go and check it out…I have been singing and laughing all day. 

ramseyramblings  love her honesty, and sense of humor, and her reads are almost exactly the same as mine… so she has good taste! 😉

Serendipity  raised in the muslim faith and all God’s now! love her and the testimony of deliverance that is all over her.

God is so awesome to show me so many in my faith family here in blogville…we are world wide! 

Just wanted to plug some new people, and hope you go to see them, leave them a comment, and introduce yourself…y’all are family! share a little love!!!



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4 responses to “new blogs I am loving!

  1. Hi D 🙂

    in answer to your question about the Jehovah Witnesses – i saw the doco: ‘Knocking’ on our national advert-free public free-to-air broadcaster (the ‘other’ ABC)

    Here’s a link… 🙂 and this was specifically the kind of thing i was talking about – how’decent and ‘loyal’ Americans were somewhat less than ‘Christian’ in their patriotic fervour. Maybe your Grand-dad was lucky enough to not be involved where he lived??

    Under ‘Mob violence in the USA’.

    Love you ♥


  2. I love your heart in trying to connect fellow bloggers (and brothers/sisters) to each other! 🙂 I just posted an exciting answer to prayer on my blog …


    thank you…I’m truly humbled…

  4. Bless you for adding me to your wonderful community, Darla…the Body of Christ: what an amazing thing!

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