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So many times Jesus asked questions that seemed to me as odd.  Like HE already knew the answers, but HE seemed to want them to ask or maybe be in touch with what the real problem was, and a confession of sorts that they needed HIM to fix it, which shows that an amount of faith was being exercised. (just the fact that they would tell HIM they needed healing showed that they believed HE could heal them)

Freznel Lenz is my hubs band.  They have been doing this Casting Crowns song at places like the Water Street Rescue Mission.  “Do you want to be free?”  People are still responding today to that phrase as they did when Jesus walked up to them and asked them.  Amazing!  Still simple…still effective…still needed.  The band will soon be stepping into something in Philadephia (Center City) in an outreach that is being organized by some young people from the city…they are expecting at least 5000 people…radical!! there is something like 70,000 people in that area  near this function….can you imagine…being curled up in a corner knowing despair as well as your name…and hearing this song flood in your window??  I just tremble at the thought of what God will do in hearts that we may never meet or look into their faces…and I know the words will echo in their hearts and minds…”DO you want to be free?”  who does not want to be free?  honestly?  Please pray for Hubs and the band as they prepare…this event will be in two weeks…excited is an understatement to what we are all feeling…anticipation is intense…we know that HE is going to do something totally radical and wild in Philadelphia Pa…at this present time, the police in that area say it is safer to live in Iraq than in this place…statisically.  Our Father God sends us to ask them “Do you want to be free?”

Visit Praise365 and pray for this time.  Thanks you all rock!




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