Double-minded? (James 1:8/4:8)

The Lord has been showing me lately how very easy it is for us to become “double-minded” people.  Scary.  Definitely not glorious, or walking in the abundant life that HE has promised us.  So did HE not come through?  NO. We did not follow and did not heed to the warnings, that HE so clearly laid out in HIS word.  It doesn’t mean I will work on that when my reading through the Bible gets to that part.  Lately, Praying for God to show me things I need to work on, and HE is not shy about communicating it.

While wondering why we seem to have the odasity to point blank- in HIS face-defy HIM, I found that we are quick to bank on HIS patience, HIS love, and HIS longsuffering, HIS forgiveness–but we do not bank or take seriously HIS Kingship, HIS authority, HIS anger, or HIS wrath.  HEY !!! HE is all things all the time, no HE is not waiting to thump you as soon as you turn….but as the Father who knows what is best, and has become repetitive in telling us..NO, don’t do it…we are just waiting and pushing the ticket for that whoopin’, that we will most definitely get–HE is Faithful, not just to the things we like, but to every word.

Father, YOU are the same yesterday today and forever, YOU are our “was, and is and is to come”…we need to walk humbly with you, and remembering that the only reason you say NO is because you know the outcome, and you know that your plan is so much better.  YOU don’t say NO to hurt us or because you felt dominating today…you are the lover of my soul.  Help us to not be double minded, and to be tossed about on the sea of life, like we have no anchor, you are our stability.  How I praise you for your attributes that are so diverse, and all looking over me.  Help our unblief in our generation to follow after you hard, and not to compromise with the world.  We don’t want to stand on the side of your enemy not even for second.  We love you and are desperate for your direction…although we act like we are king, we are not, and YOU alone are our salvation and righeousness.  Your princess that doesn’t want to take you for granted, and doesn’t want to be double-minded.



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18 responses to “Double-minded? (James 1:8/4:8)

  1. tam

    It’s easy to call Him Savior – but harder to let Him be Lord of our lives.

    I get what you’re saying here. When we accept the Lord – we accept ALL of Him. It’s easy to pick and choose…like He’s some sort of smorgasboard (sp) with only the goodness to be had.

  2. tam

    God speaks tome through you nearly every day. Did you know that?

    Thank you Lord!!!!

  3. Deborah

    Hey Darla Dear….AMEN!!! He’s been fine tuning this in me lately….the thought, the joke, the borderline stuff, the hidden agenda and meaning…as if He doesn’t really know our hearts. Scary.

    I think to often we make Him into what we want Him to be instead of conformin ourselves to who He really is.

    Love you precious princess!!! 🙂

  4. I am glad that God is speaking to you as well to me…I think we always need reminders, it is just so easy to become comfortable and take the blessing to mean we are untouchable and have no limits…actually that is HIS job…to be limitless, and we need to be touchable…just thoughts and HE is speaking to my heartvas well. Love you both! 😀

  5. Amen!! Amen!! Amen!! Excellent post. It’s not always as easy to do with our words as it is with our actions.

  6. AMEN! I think it’s also in Proverbs where God talks about double-mindedness and how it creates strife and I believe that when we doubt the promises of God [by not accepting Him fully versus just the parts and pieces that are comfortable] we end up creating unneccessary strife in our lives.

    I think it’s important to acknowledge the enemy for creating that double-mindedness. We know doubt and fear and confusion comes from him and it’s important that when we’re filled with any of those we are quick to rebuke the enemy and acknowledge God for who He is–Savior, Redeemer, Deliverer, Healer, Ruler, Father, Provider.

    I love you Darla. You warm my heart. XOX

  7. gchyayles- it is also in proverbs, and the enemy is the creator of doubt fear and confusion…I am a firm believer in that! Love you girl and love your insights.

  8. I had a great earthly father who loved me – but he did “thump” me on occasion !! :o) God doesn’t thump me, but he sure has some unusual ways of getting my attention! ouch!

  9. I do not want to be double-minded. I pray my heart will break over the things that break His heart and rejoice over the things He is rejoicing about…

    …and yet, I know I’m not there yet…

    This sanctifying process can be painful.

  10. Timely post, Darla…
    “I found that we are quick to bank on HIS patience, HIS love, and HIS longsuffering, HIS forgiveness–but we do not bank or take seriously HIS Kingship, HIS authority, HIS anger, or HIS wrath. ”


    Coming from a heart contrite like David’s, repentant as sin is acknowledged… this sentence hits home.

    Forgive me Lord. Thank you, Lord. U are King, Ultimate Authority – ur anger and wrath is justified. Thank u for your son, whose sacrifice I do not take for granted in this moment of repentance. I am just grateful for Jesus, and for u, Father of my Soul.

  11. Papa- I adore you! and I am praying for you and your sister…I encourage all who read this to go to Papas site and pray with me for his sister. Thanks!

    Michele- I ♥ U! we need to stay in the Word because we all need constant reminders…we are just so human..but one fine day…we will be like HIM, and no more curse… just the blessing of walking with HIM, hand in hand, seeing HIS glory…this could be a post of its own!

    Bajanpoet!! Brother I loved what you emailed me! I am going to respond to it soon…I love your passion, and as I pray for you, I thank God for you! you sharpen me!

  12. ramsey72

    What you said is so true. I know I spent a good part of my life acknowledging God but wanting to do things my way. Why I thought I was smarter than God I will never figure out, but it is the lie that many of us have swallowed since Eve in the Garden. There was so much turmoil in my life during this time which I know now is God’s way of getting my attention. I am learning everyday to depend on God and not to lean unto my own understanding. Things aren’t always perfect, but the peace that I feel knowing that God is control passes all understanding. It is a tough life being a double minded person!

  13. ramsey72- you are at a perfect place to see the Hand of God move…it is hard to press on at times, and we all have that…but one of the things I love most about HIM, is HE knows I can do nothing on my own, and HE makes changes in my heart when it is HIS timing, the rest is me repetitively leaving everything on HIS altar, and sitting at HIS feet. I am glad you stopped and hope you come back!

  14. tam

    missed you today sister!

    love you!

  15. To be more like HIM, we must allow HIM to correct us, teach and show us HIS truths not the truths we perceive.
    Blessings in Christ–

  16. Hey, Darla. I’m not sure what happened on IM tonight…I responded and was waiting for your response…you must not have gotten mine…miscommunication…sorry.

    Have a great Thursday…Love you much!

  17. Love you D ♥

    Our double-mindedness stems from our very earliest moments on this Earth – before our mind’s ‘knew’ Him. We developed our minds and began to ‘trust’ in it first.
    If we are to again be single minded we must again become as little children – hence the ‘born again’ tag/concept.

    But to reverse the process we began in infancy – to eliminate all we ‘learned’ to do BEFORE we learned about Him – is a very hard, complex process – it is this i am hoping to achieve however as it is the only way i can see we can ever be completely single minded in Him ( i believe Jesus also leaned how to and taught His Disciples to do as He did).

    Our mind – which contains our own ego – IS the enemy within. That is what we have to overcome to be Free.

    It requires His assistance and cannot be undertaken solely on our own action – it is not completed by reason of our works but we do need to be the one who chooses it for ourself, since we were the ones who created it from our moment of Birth.

    Our Heart AND our mind must both be as One!


  18. Love missed seeing you here..but I do understand soooo many blogs soooo little time! I totally agree with your statement…and I am pushing on to be siingleminded in the Lord. love you too!

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