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Double-minded? (James 1:8/4:8)

The Lord has been showing me lately how very easy it is for us to become “double-minded” people.  Scary.  Definitely not glorious, or walking in the abundant life that HE has promised us.  So did HE not come through?  NO. We did not follow and did not heed to the warnings, that HE so clearly laid out in HIS word.  It doesn’t mean I will work on that when my reading through the Bible gets to that part.  Lately, Praying for God to show me things I need to work on, and HE is not shy about communicating it.

While wondering why we seem to have the odasity to point blank- in HIS face-defy HIM, I found that we are quick to bank on HIS patience, HIS love, and HIS longsuffering, HIS forgiveness–but we do not bank or take seriously HIS Kingship, HIS authority, HIS anger, or HIS wrath.  HEY !!! HE is all things all the time, no HE is not waiting to thump you as soon as you turn….but as the Father who knows what is best, and has become repetitive in telling us..NO, don’t do it…we are just waiting and pushing the ticket for that whoopin’, that we will most definitely get–HE is Faithful, not just to the things we like, but to every word.

Father, YOU are the same yesterday today and forever, YOU are our “was, and is and is to come”…we need to walk humbly with you, and remembering that the only reason you say NO is because you know the outcome, and you know that your plan is so much better.  YOU don’t say NO to hurt us or because you felt dominating today…you are the lover of my soul.  Help us to not be double minded, and to be tossed about on the sea of life, like we have no anchor, you are our stability.  How I praise you for your attributes that are so diverse, and all looking over me.  Help our unblief in our generation to follow after you hard, and not to compromise with the world.  We don’t want to stand on the side of your enemy not even for second.  We love you and are desperate for your direction…although we act like we are king, we are not, and YOU alone are our salvation and righeousness.  Your princess that doesn’t want to take you for granted, and doesn’t want to be double-minded.



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