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I have been visiting new blogs..not necessarily new, but new to me 🙂  I had a divine appointment to meet up with Serendipity(on my blog roll…I am so lame I do not know how to link)  She tagged me soooo here it goes…

1. Write the title to your memoir using 6 words
2. Post it on your blog
3. Link to the person that tagged you
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After 20 + years of rebellion, and blaming God for every little thing that was not according to my plan, and after trying everything this world could offer to me…I found that Jesus is the Only One who truly loves me unnconditionally, the Only One who can provide all my needs, the Only one who can save me from myself.  Each and every time I look back on where I have been I am amazed at where I am at.  I see the power of the cross and the love it took for HIM to travel there.  All because I needed HIM to break the chains and set me free.  I am free today because of Jesus and the wonderful plan of God.  I know what it is like to walk in the curse, now living in the blessing…**Happy dance**  **singing**  (like Nicole C Mullen would say) Let the redeemed of the Lord talk about it!

Now I have to tag 5 people ( Michele would not be happy if I tagged her…so I am showing her mercy!)

1.  Heather

2.  Steph

3.  Trina

4.  Brandy

5.  Tanya



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