NOT Like the World

Would you even think that the world was Godly?  Yet Ephesians 5:1 says to be imitators of God…If I am imitating the world, I am no longer imitating God.  What does that mean?  For me it means that we need to be careful what we say that it is a reflection of our Father…and some conversations I can’t imagine the Creator of the Universe ever speaking or even taking part in.  Its really quite absurd when I think about it.  I want to be like God the Son, and not like the world, the picture of HIM through me will show others that HE is needed, and the only one who can truly deliver.  But if I look like the world, I am just another guru offering something I can not deliver.  Christ followers have stood out since the beginning as odd, crazy, rebels, freaks…and their numbers increased daily!  Popularity is over rated, it almost always means that my moments in the sun are without the Son.  No can do!  I am standing firm and I am not backing down or running to my safety zone…this life and world is just a blink of an eye in comparison to my eternity, and none of it compares to the beauty of my Jesus.  Offer me the world, and I am going to have to say “no thanks, I’ll be holding on to my God…I don’t want to look like the world, see this is not my home, and I am just passing through.”



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  1. tam

    it’s easy to be a chameleon. I think we all do it. Even though our intent may not be to “in” the world ,our lack of strong character may appear to others as “double dipping”.

    Sometimes, too, we may find ourselves in the company of the “worldly” while being true to our faith and convictions and still appear to others as being “of” the world..simply by association.

    THEN…there are those of us – who are a little looser. And need extra grace.

    I’ve been all of the above…

  2. Tam- we all do it, and today God really pulled on my heart, and reminded me of the short leash I wear…for my own good…just doing the work I am here to do for the glory of my King, and then going home…I think I am alittle homesick today for Heaven….and I want more than anything to just do the thing!!! to be part of an army of love, that sets the planet a blaze for the kingdom…very consumed today..Love you Princess…you are precious to the KING and me

  3. tam

    i love you too!

    your words just sent chills all over me!

  4. Homesick for Heaven….me too!

    We are dealing with a situation within our family that only Jesus can fix. As horrible as the situaion is, the root of the problem is a person who is lost. A person who laughs at the name of Jesus. A person who is now blaming his eternity in hell on all of us who are Christians. This guys knows just what buttons to push and is doing his best to place guilt on anyone who will allow him to.

    Anyway….I’m sure this is making no sense…My heart’s desire is to show this guy Jesus by my actions. He refuses to listen anymore and just makes a joke out of Christ. I found myself praying today…come quickly Lord! I’m ready to just be with you!!!

    Sorry for unloading! Thanks for challenging me to keep my eyes and heart set on my eternal destination! love you!

  5. Steph- love and missed you princess! I have family like that too, and I rarely watch the news anymore..just because i find me saying the same much longer? Come soon…or let me come with you…yup we are homesick, we belong to heaven. Check out Trina on my blog roll- my kiddo

  6. Hey, Darla!! Me too, I long for heaven…I do think we are getting close to something happening…we need to hold fast and stand firm, pursuing holiness.

    When I stand before Him I don’t want the works I did for Him to be burned up as wood, hay, or stubble…I want to know I am truly following the Spirit’s leading so the works will be pure gold, silver, or precious stones. I don’t want to shrink back at His coming because I didn’t keep the robe He gave me clean by the washing of the water of the Word…I want to be pleasing to Him above all else…

    Thanks for this encouraging word…it gives me a perspective I needed to be reminded of today.

    Have a great weekend, Darla, hopefully Sunday morning service will be a glimpse into the wonderful worship to come. 😉

  7. I was so excited at the beginning of the year when the Word revealed by God was that 2008 was a year of completion and new beginnings. God is doing a new thing and this is the year for breakthroughs hallelujah! His Word promises that He will take us from glory to glory to glory and we are just in the beginning stages. I know how difficult it is to be in the world and not of it but it comforts me to know that God never asks us to do anything that He hasn’t provided the tools and grace for us to do. It is so important to stay grounded in the Word and to be surrounded by things of the Spirit to help us–those are the tools that He gives us and He gives us the choice to use them along with it. Hang in there my sister; you are His light shining at all the people you share your wonderful and loving spirit with! Love you!

  8. Mama’s mom is 90 and 2 days – she struggled with this last birthday – she is ready to see Jesus – she wants to go to her heavenly home. Her health is failing but she is okay for her age. She is mentally very sharp. She has been a Christian for many decades – at least 7! She has always lived for Christ – not for the world. Darla – even though we would like to go “‘home” we may still have to be here awhile – an ambassador for Christ. Love your challenging posts!

  9. John

    Very well put. You make me proud and ashamed at the same time. How much we need to imitate the Lord and not the world. Doing so should be easier each day. Thanks for the encouragment.

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