This Wedding was a Blessed Event!

Mommy and DaddyJust MarriedHere are just a few pics to give you a taste of my daughters wedding…





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17 responses to “This Wedding was a Blessed Event!

  1. tam


    You’re dress is so elegant Darla! You look smashing!!!

    And I love how cool Hubs is with his glasses 😎 or is he just hiding the tears??? 😦

    The girls look so pretty!

    So how are you today? Your little girl is a Mrs. now…what does that feel like?

  2. Hubs was a rock!! and He does rock! But he was trying to keep me from shaking…inside that dress I was shaking like a leaf! ahhhhh! that was before the ceremony….what up with Bub!?! he sneaked that little hand thing in..we won’t tell him its backwards..its supposed to be the “I love you” sign…hahahha

    Mrs!!! Her happiness says it suits her, and his happiness shows how he adores her..its all good…I did all the emotional stuff last week (or was the last 4 months?)

  3. tam

    Just make sure Princess Trina doesn’t wanta get married too soon. You need a break!

    Geeze – now what do you do that’s it all over?

  4. Get ready for Oregon!!!!!!

    Outreach is in full swing I do have lots to tuck away before I leave here, and then when I come back we have the Block party and reach some neighbors and unchurched kids…Bible School…yeah!!! I am always out of my mind…but this is the kind I like…

  5. Deborah

    WOW…what a beautiful bride!!! and Mommy! 😉 I love your dress….and hubby lookin perty handsome… I hope you get some just you time now…I remember the “What just happened?” feeling when Mikes was over… 🙂

    OK, Oregons ready for you…..hurry! Love you!

  6. OH Darla! 😀 Your daughter was absolutely beautiful! 😀 And you looked amazing as well! 😀

    AHHHH I love weddings! 😀

  7. Darla, nice pictures of two good looking couples. The “younger” couple does have bigger smiles, so I can sense the “older’ couple may have been a little nervous about this milestone in their lives. 🙂

    Who were the two cute girls in the sixth picture?

    You should speak to “Bub” about hand gestures when he is surrounded by pretty girls. 🙂

  8. Darla – beautiful – We will be praying for both couples!!! Pictures are wonderful!

  9. Ed- yes nervous may even be an understatement! hahaha the littlegirls were both flower girls…one was the brides cousin, and one the grooms cousin….both cute!!!

  10. Gorgeous…simply gorgeous. 😀

    What a day that must have been…I can’t imagine, and don’t even want to get close to imagining! 😯 😆

    Children grow up too fast!!

  11. HW

    Beautiful pictures! She looks so, so, so happy! 🙂

  12. Ohhhh, thank you for sharing the pictures. I love wedding pics. You looked beautiful and so did the bride. Good to hear from you!! Yes, life is very busy but I’ll try to do better about staying in touch!!

    Have a great day!!


  13. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Your family is just beautiful!

    I know that you were and are so proud!

  14. you all look gorgeous!!!

  15. gorgeous pics!! congrats!

  16. You are so right. It is not what others tell us, it is what He tells us. We just need to focus on Him and everything else will fall together. God bless you sister. I love the pictures of the wedding, beautiful. Keep looking up and He will guide your steps. Love your sister in Christ, Tanya

  17. Congrats! How fun. Hope you have recovered fully!
    Much love,

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