Life…choose it

Life is not about who is right or wrong.  It is not about one interpretation over another.  Its about Jesus! Plain and simple…its about the highs and lows of walking with our Savior through valleys as well as mountain top experiences.  Its about being a servant to those who offend us, and bringing Glory to our King, through our faithfulness to HIM.  In the view of eternity, life on earth is a blink of an eye.  God made us from nothing..I can not think of one thing that I can make from nothing.  Yet we all think we are something.

I don’t want to become a thinker who never does…I want to be both.  With one foot in the here and now and one in eternity.  I believe that is how it is.  So I need to measure my behavior against not only what do people see when they look at me, but also what does all of heaven see when they look at me.  My days are numbered, and I don’t know when they will end, but today I tremble at the thought that if I stand before my King now, will I have wasted time here that was planned for service to HIM.  I pray for HIM to help me to measure my days, according to HIS great purpose, not a plan of my own.  I pray that I will accept every thing that He offers me, and use it to HIS Glory. 

Sometimes this life is hard, and the road I am on is sometimes an uphill climb, and I grow weary.  Just a small time to focus on Jesus and how very beautiful HE is to me…and all this mountian climbing becomes do-able. Is it worth it?  HE is worth it!  When all of heaven is looking at me..I want my Father to smile and say “that’s my girl, and just look how she believes me, just look how she is relentless in the climb.”  I want everything HE has planned for me, and I don’t want to miss a minute of it, not even to detour for a few of what looks like a good time…not that I am refusing a good time, I just want HIM to pick them for me! 

Have a good rest of the week..PEACE…back on sunday..we have wedding to get rolling…and what a blessed time it will be…How great is our God!



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11 responses to “Life…choose it

  1. What a great reminder – for Him to order our days – instead of letting our agenda get in the way. 😉 I do want to stand before Him and make it through the Refiner’s fire at the Judgment Seat of Christ without all my works done for Him after salvation burned up – it would be awesome to have the “crude” purged on this side of glory and to be able to stand unashamed.

    Faithful is He who calls us and He will also bring it to pass.

    I pray y’all have a blessed wedding and the marriage is lived as He wills. 😀

  2. As you prepare for the wedding – remember Christ comes as a bride seeking us. Are we ready for the wedding feast?

  3. tam

    Ecclesiastes 7:4 NLT

    A wise person thinks a lot about death,
    while a fool thinks only about having a good time.

    that was Air Ones verse of the day today.

    When i hit my mid 30’s I began feeling an urgency in my Spirit to MOVE! Not geographically. Although if that was Gods plan then fine. But to get out of my stagnancy. I know I’m not that old – but time flies and I so desperately do NOT want to look back pver a life that did nothing for Him.

    So Darla – YES – I feel you on this 1,000,000,000000 percent!

    No more atrophy!

  4. tam

    thinking about you today! Love you! Praying….

  5. Thought I’d come over and have a bite to eat from your wondeful buffet. 😉 Oooh, I’m deep today. 😆

    Love you!!! I am so wishing you had a layover in Minot in June! 😀 heehee

  6. Darla, weddings are a great reason to rejoice in the love we can share with each other.

    I hope your weekend is full of the love you seek. Also, a lot of singing and dancing. 🙂

  7. Laurie Lloyd

    Hi Darla,

    Praying that your heart is full to over flowing this weekend as you celebrate the wedding of your daughter. Sing and Dance in joy and hope for the new couple and their future ahead as a new generation begins in your family. Love and Hope are wonderful things. Wear them both with pure joy this weekend. Love you girl.

    Laurie in Ca.

  8. I can’t imagine my child getting married. I have been reading about the wedding for a while. May the Lord bless this covenant.

    Life is about Jesus!! Amen!!

    Blessings in Christ

  9. jeffsdeepthoughts

    Thanks for that encouragment about where our sights ought to be.

  10. I’m praying for God’s blessings on you and your family this day…for peace and love to flow through you to all…for the bride and groom to have a day they will remember as a sacrament…love you, Darla.

  11. You’ve reminded me of a song from a popular TV series:

    Life’s not a song.
    Life isn’t bliss.
    Life is just this.
    It’s living.
    You’ll get along.
    The pain that you feel
    Only can heal
    By living.
    You have to go on living.
    So that one of us is living.

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