It’s Friday, Hallelujah

Yes the Hallelujah Chorus is running through my head at this very moment!  🙂

This hasn’t been a bad week, just a trying week with many different schedules, and preparations for one daughters birthday, and anothers wedding.  But isn’t our God good! HE totally blows my mind in how HE can take a very trying week, and show me how close HE is to me.  At times it was definitely me laying back on HIS lap while HE made things happen.  So many times this week I was applauded for my accomplishments, and honestly it was not me…It was all my precious King, who truly just sweeps me up and makes me smile, and turns bad to good.  HE makes my paths smooth, even when I think it is one wild ride…I look back and realize HE really did pull it all off, and is truly my strength.   Michelle, at  has an awesome post about HIS strength in our weakness, that and the comments truly helped me stay focused this week. 

Lately, my favorite down time has been with HIM, and I love to dance with HIM…this truly is the greatest romance…HE knows all about me, and everything I have done and will do…HE loves me unconditionally.  I was a prodigal, and HE has welcomed me home with outstretched arms, and we dance…If I could have one moment with the brother of the prodigal this is what I would say to him;

How I praise our Father that you did not have to go the road I went, how very much you must know that HE loves you.  And although you may feel like I have been blessed beyond you, I would give you all that I have to keep you from walking away in anger.  Sometimes you wish you had my testimony, and mostly I wish I had yours, so maybe we could try to walk this thing out together, and show the world that HE adores us both, and show some love, and some forgiveness, and acceptance.

I don’t know if the prodigal ever reached out his hand to his brother, the Bible doesn’t say anything about that, but I feel sorry for his brother that his anger cost him to miss the party.  If you could say something to the prodigal or the brother, what would you say to him??



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14 responses to “It’s Friday, Hallelujah

  1. tam

    I might say…”A loving father would give you the same reception. How blessed and much more wise you are that you never left our fathers side. Please share with me what i have missed brother – let me glean from you faithfulness and wisdom – and allow me to be blessed with your presence.”

  2. Tam that is awesome and beautiful! that is so my heart… te amo!

  3. Laurie Lloyd

    I think I would say the same thing to both of them and it is something I heard long ago and makes so much sense to me.
    “Unforgiveness is like taking poison and hoping the other person will die. It only hurts the one who withholds forgiveness. His unconditional love for us is what we are supposed to be doing our best to show others. Love you Darla and hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    Laurie in Ca.

  4. It’s so good to dance, I wish I knew how. I sing my heart out, He’s awesome!!

    What would I say to the brother? I was the brother, but I don’t understand his bitterness. I love seeing a prodigal come home.

    Thanks for the link – I’m glad you were encouraged by that post. Hope you have a good weekend – you sound like a very busy person. 😉

  5. Michelle- I strongly dislike being busy, and I am not good at juggling schedules. It all tends to overwhelm this weeks lesson was more on leaning on the ONE that can truly hold me all together..longing for down time to spend with HIM.

  6. After a hug – I would say: “I Love you!”

  7. Lori

    You’re old enough to have a daughter, GETTING MARRIED?!?! Wow!

    What would I say to the brother? Maybe that I am grateful for him to have shown me that it’s OK to goof up! And still have Hope!

    After all, I’ve goofed-up a lot!!!

  8. I’m doing a study by Angela Thomas and we’re on the week where we’re talking about the prodigal and his brother. She brings out in the study how we have tendency’s to be both types. I tend to be more the prodigal because of where I was and how I’m “home” now. But since coming “home” shamefully, there are times I acted like the older brother.

    I’d say God’s grace is abundant, His mercies are new every morning, His love is unconditional and He has more than enough robes, rings & fatted calves for everyone.

    Blessings in Christ-

  9. To the brother…I would say the same thing I say to my husband. I was a prodigal who came home. My father was a minister, and I became a God-hater, on drugs, alcoholic, pregnant run away teenager. But then I ran smack right into God’s amazing love…Love that embraced me in the midst of my deepest sin! My husband is a man who gave his life to Jesus at age 8. Pursued him everyday after that! Lived for him, and not the world. Never drank or smoked, saved himself, including his first kiss, for me, his wife, while I had another mans child to give to him. Whenever my husband would look at me as if his testimony paled in comparison of mine…which seemed so dramatic…I would remind him that I am in AWE of ANYONE who can walk through a teenage life, in a public school, and still have a burning passion for the Father that nothing in the world holds a light to!! That is a MARVEL to me!! To truly know a person according to the Spirit, and not the flesh, that is such love. He chose not to know me according to my flesh. And the greatest thing you can give to a prodigal’s brother….do not know HIM according to the flesh. It’s not the testimony of his flesh that brought him near or rejected him, it was who he is in the Spirit! I would speak to who he is in the Spirit…marveling at the man God made!

  10. momma are u hablaring in espaniol? lol if u are good job!

  11. I just want you all to know that this girl right here is amazing….i absolutely love her! oh wow that sounds like i am talking about myself….ha i am most certainly am not… i am talking bout my momma the one who makes the cloudy days sunny, and sunny day brighter! 🙂

  12. Trinalove- God has such an awesome plan for you! I am so excited as I watch HIM open it up. I just enjoy the sunny days..HE actualy creates them! Love you sweetie!

    Kelly-I am the same, and admiring the ones who walked through the jungles of adolesance and believed HIM, while I was making a mess in my hard heartedness…running right in HIS love, and knowing HE would never let me go…. incredible and majestic is HIS love!

  13. tam

    ok. this little exchange with you two made my eyes leak!

    You are both precious!!!

    love you so very much!


    Te amo mucho grande!



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