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It’s Friday, Hallelujah

Yes the Hallelujah Chorus is running through my head at this very moment!  🙂

This hasn’t been a bad week, just a trying week with many different schedules, and preparations for one daughters birthday, and anothers wedding.  But isn’t our God good! HE totally blows my mind in how HE can take a very trying week, and show me how close HE is to me.  At times it was definitely me laying back on HIS lap while HE made things happen.  So many times this week I was applauded for my accomplishments, and honestly it was not me…It was all my precious King, who truly just sweeps me up and makes me smile, and turns bad to good.  HE makes my paths smooth, even when I think it is one wild ride…I look back and realize HE really did pull it all off, and is truly my strength.   Michelle, at http://considerjesus.wordpress.com  has an awesome post about HIS strength in our weakness, that and the comments truly helped me stay focused this week. 

Lately, my favorite down time has been with HIM, and I love to dance with HIM…this truly is the greatest romance…HE knows all about me, and everything I have done and will do…HE loves me unconditionally.  I was a prodigal, and HE has welcomed me home with outstretched arms, and we dance…If I could have one moment with the brother of the prodigal this is what I would say to him;

How I praise our Father that you did not have to go the road I went, how very much you must know that HE loves you.  And although you may feel like I have been blessed beyond you, I would give you all that I have to keep you from walking away in anger.  Sometimes you wish you had my testimony, and mostly I wish I had yours, so maybe we could try to walk this thing out together, and show the world that HE adores us both, and show some love, and some forgiveness, and acceptance.

I don’t know if the prodigal ever reached out his hand to his brother, the Bible doesn’t say anything about that, but I feel sorry for his brother that his anger cost him to miss the party.  If you could say something to the prodigal or the brother, what would you say to him??


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