Bus Saga-Jesus loves the Children

Yes the bus saga continues!!  The last few days on my bus God has really put it on my heart just how very much HE loves the children.  Here is a few things that happened recently…

Nate, fourth grader, announced to me that his step-dad died over the weekend.  I expressed my sorrow for him, and that I know it is a hard thing to go through.  NO! that was not his point…his point was that he is being raised by his grandparents as his mother abandoned him for this husband.  Now his fear was she may want him back…can you imagine being a little boy who has already experienced so much hurt in rejection, and after two years, his worst nightmare has returned?  Right or wrong..I prayed for God to let him stay where he is, or do a total over haul of this womans heart.

Took a bunch of field trips lately, so teachers are with the students….They are so mean to them!  No patience!  I watched little happy faces go totally to tears, in 60 seconds…one teacher was so rude and nasty, that I interjected…I interrupted her..and announced that I needed all their attention, as I have a few very easy rules on my bus…they were under control in minutes…third graders…come on!! A couple parents who were along thanked me as they got out of the bus.  Words cut, and such impressionable little minds…Angry adults spilling thier poison on little children…The teacher did explain to me that she is having a bad day ( its 9:30 in the morning!)  I did pray for her anyway, and for me to not take her out of the bus and whoop her! 

Jesus protect the children, we often pray for the ones in other countries, but also protect the ones right here…help these negative things to have no impression on them, fill them will childrens joy..giggles, smiles, and give them your HOPE that things are not all bad, and you love them, and want them.  I know YOU love the children!



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15 responses to “Bus Saga-Jesus loves the Children

  1. I disagree with you on the teacher thing – I think you should have took her off the bus and “whooped” her! :o) I do not buy into this “I’m having a bad day” thing when talking/dealing with children or adults! i think we need to get on our knees and ask forgiveness when we do that! Sorry – you got me fired up – besides, I’m having a bad day!

  2. Laurie Lloyd

    I agree with you totally about little Nate’s situation. He is too young to have to worry about these things. I’ll be praying for him for sure. (And for the mother to experience a miracle 360 turn in her life too). Grown ups (?) are always having bad days and children are always an easy target as they cannot fight back. I pray the Lords protection over them as words cut deeper than any knife. And I pray for your light of Jesus to continue to be a beacon to these kids on the bus. Can you tell that my heart is for the Kids on the Bus?:) Well it is and you bless me with your heart. I love you Darla and pray daily for you.

    Love, Laurie in Ca.

  3. Papa- the teacher had me fired up too! but we are taught that the bus is our domain, and teachers and coaches all have to allow us to instruct the students..so I just took the reins from her, and showed her how its done. Or should I say..God jumped in and showed her how its done.

    Laurie- I love that you pray for me and the kiddos on my bus…God has just given me such a heart for them…today I signed a paper to keep my same route, and same kids..I told them today…and they were so happy!!

  4. You know, I homeschool. So, I forget that these little souls deal with harsh teachers and harder home lives. I am so glad that God has you in this postion, so these kids can see Jesus. I will pray for you and the love God is using for to minister to these children. God bless you sister, Love Tanya

  5. You know, God has been reminding me lately that we are always in full time ministry…wherever we are. What a ministry you have Darla. There are little lives that will be touched by you DAILY!

    My grandpa, who was one of the kindest people I know, was a school bus driver and I was always amazed when grown men and women, with children of their own, would come up to him and say “Hi Jim! Remember me? You used to drive me to school” and almost always he would remember them. What a special relationship.

    I will be praying for your ministry and for little Nate, too:)

    Love and Blessings to you sweet sister!

  6. Heather and Tanya- thanks for the prayers and for lifting my little man friend-nate up! That is what I call him when he gets on the bus..”waz up little man?” He always smiles, and blushes a little, and says “Darla your silly, but I like it” every single day..and it never gets old!

  7. Deborah

    I can’t believe people can be so cruel to children…..what’s wrong with them???? You are such a bright light for that place the Lord has you in Darla….those parents are so blessed, and they probably don’t even know it! Love you!

  8. This just makes me sad! And mad! I homeschooled for up until last year and now my daughter goes to a small private Christian school where I volunteer and am great friends with all the teachers. I forget how mean people can be. :/

  9. tam

    I used to teach – and I saw some terrible things! But for the most part the teachers were all very kind and patient. But there always seems to be that one. 😐

    Darla – God has placed you right where you are for those children, parents and teachers. You are likely the one positive, loving and joyful part of most their days. God is so good to gift them you!!!!

    I el-luv-o el you-o

  10. Tam- ROTFL- I el-luv-o el-you-o too-o!

  11. Darla, I’m so glad to hear you’re standing firm with kindness. Why don’t adults get that children are just little people and if they don’t spew all over adults why do they feel they can spew all over children?? It riles me!

    When I was a student teacher I had my eyes opened to the inhumanity of some teachers – one would reach over and yank a child’s hair if he acted up in assembly. Who does that!?

    God is using you, Darla, they will remember your light, your love. 🙂

  12. tam

    te amo!!!


    TE AMO!!!!!

  13. Lori

    I use to be one of those public school teachers. I hate to think that I was like THAT, but the reality of it is, I probably was. Not proud, just real. I think I can look back NOW – years later and be sure that I was like that because I knew I was not in my right place (aka – the place God wanted me)

    I praise you for the kind heart that you are showing them. In the midst of a storm, you are calming the waters. It takes a special person to be a teacher, but to drive a bus – Sister, I don’t know how you do it. I praise the Lord for YOUR efforts at being a little ray of sunshine in a very, very dark world.

    At times like this – when I read a testimony of what is going on in the public system, I thank God, immensly, that I am Blessed enough to stay at home with mine, and be their teacher, the way He had originally planned.

    Kuddos and God Bless!

  14. Dang Girl! Where were you when Mrs. Doyle made me cry in front of the whole class??!! That was 4th grade/1970. That was her last year. She was in desperate need of retirement … or a whoppin’! whatev.

    You are a bright light for kids and teachers alike in this story.

  15. lori

    I sure hope my daughter’s bus driver is as kind!
    I never got to ride the bus to school, and as a kid riding on the bus for field trips or (as i got older) games, I can remember being told to listen to the teacher…the bus driver was always…well…just the driver. Thanks for sharing becuase it gives me a greater appreciation for the adults placed in Mary’s life…even the bus driver! (i’ll re-think the Christmas cookie thing next year!)

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