MEME-Twinkle tagged me!

Here is how it goes…6 unimportant random things…

1.  Only some of my daffodils actually even got a bloom on them…not important just wondering, huh?

2.  I am allergy-asthmatic, air conditioning works real well for this.

3. I think I am already missing my students on my bus..and I still have 30 days of school yet.

4. I have a mark on my nose, from a chemical at the military factory I used to work at…it only bothers others.

5. I feel too young to be this old.

6.  I love to read, I need a new book.

I now need to tag six people to do the same…

Steph, Rochelle, Trina, Praise365, Love(LwBUT), Michelle   (all are on my blogroll–if there were seven things to #7 …I still haven’t figured out my wordpress..and its doing the essentials soooo I am good with that!)




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9 responses to “MEME-Twinkle tagged me!

  1. tam

    Hmph – Mandy doesn’t pick on your age!!! Geeze!!!!

    K, so when you get here in June – we will go over WordPress Essentials 😉

    I hate ants!

  2. OK…I’m not complaining…but…I hate being tagged!! 😦

    I’m not very random and I can’t think of funny things and my back hurts and my bedroom needs to be painted and my dog needs a bath and I don’t know what to fix for dinner and it’s hot today so I need to go water the plants…does that count?

    It was 7 things…unimportant and somewhat random…am I done now? 😕

  3. Very good Michelle!!! you are certainly done now! 😆
    Tam_ I hate ants too…and where I live it seems like we live on an ant hill!!! EEEEEWWWWWWWWWW!

    Mandy may have learned her lesson after picking on you! 🙂 anyways we must remember mercy…and since she extended to my age…I will have to remember that I owe her mercy..oh man! that is so not how it works!!!

  4. Thank you for accepting my attempt…I really am a grouch today, sorry. 😦 😳

  5. I love you anyway!!! we all have our grouchy days…and memes are hard for me too, and Twinkle is one of my should check her out! Love you Michelle~

  6. Heidi

    Mosquitos are worst than ants!
    Answering machines and voicemails drive me nuts.

    Age is nothing until you turn 40 and remember ataris and 45 records.

    But one thing I love is my Darla!!!

  7. #2 – I can identify!
    #5 – You got that right!

    #7 – Why do I put lawn fertilizer on the lawn and then complain about having to mow it ??!! duh !!

  8. Why do I put lawn fertilizer on the lawn and then complain about having to mow it ??!! duh !!

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! This is so me… 😉

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