Momma got a new do! LOL

This is me!Okay Jenny Hope! This is my new do, and I just had 4inches taken of and layers added…of course the red is fabulous!  My daughter’s pink room is my fav place as she is a clean freak, and I reap the benefits…also you are looking at my favorite t-shirt, with my own creative touch to it!  😆  Oh well thought I would give you all something new to look at, and please don’t tell me if you are printing it out to throw darts at!  😯 



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28 responses to “Momma got a new do! LOL

  1. tam

    LOVE IT – LOVE IT!!!!

    You are SO cute girl!!!! You’ve got A LOT of hair!

  2. haha! momma i absolutely looovvvvveeee you!! i think the red is definitely you ! You totally ROX!!!!!!!! your picture came out very well i must sayy ! 🙂

  3. your BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

  4. You are a chip of this old block..from one blog hog to another…R U trying to hijack my blog?? Girl!! i will so get my peeps together and do a serious hijacking on yours! 😎

  5. I need my eyebrows done and I can feel the pain just thinking about it! 😆
    Tam you are the beauty…but thanks for being kind!

  6. Hubba Hubba!!! You got a boyfriend?

  7. no but I do have hubs, but his sunburn is slowing him down these days…sorry I am already spoken for…but he doesn’t listen to good advice about sunscreen..well ya can’t have everything!

  8. HW

    Beautiful!!!! 🙂

  9. Hey! Another redhead!! Beautiful! 🙂

    At least you’re brave enough to put a real picture out there. I’m stickin’ with cartoons for a while longer, maybe forever…you pretty girls intimidate me. 😉

  10. tam

    ooo-ooo, let me pluck’em?!?!?

    please! please!


  11. tam

    hello girl!!!


  12. Michelle- am praying for you!!! Girl are you okay? Is there anything I can do for YOU? honestly if I can I will!

    Tam- yes you can do my eyebrows!! i have to something to them before then, but You are allowed to infllict that kind of pain on me..hahahaha I will say “ouch” and then laugh! hahaha

  13. Michele I can’t believe you are not beautiful created in the image of God and all 😉 redheads are all beautiful..even the short fat ones…oh that would be me! 😆

  14. Lori

    You look mah..vel..ous!

  15. Hello! 😆

    Yes, I’m up and running again. I’m fine, just changed accounts. They promised 24 hours…96 hours later they delivered. 😦

    Now I’m waiting for e-mail…it seems to be lost.

    Short fat ones…me too! 😉

  16. I love it! and you had 4 inches cut off, what a bunch of hair you have girl. Thanks for the new pic, now I’ll be sure to recognize you when you come out to visit 😀

  17. Gods Gal

    You are so beautiful… meeeeee……can’t you seeeeeeeeeee? WOW! You’ll fit right in girlfriend…! Eyebrow plucking? EEK! 😯 Rip it out with wax I always say….in the twinkling of an eye… 😉
    Glad ur back Miss michelle…ya gotta give us something…and eye maybe? 😆

  18. (coming out of hiding to say Love It! Love You! Ya think anyone saw me?? 😆 )

  19. Hahahaha (Bran shhhhhhhhhhh I won’t tell anyone!) 🙂

  20. I think i like your new do better than Alece’s – but i am a sucker for long(er) hair on a woman 🙂

    What’s wrong with your brows???

    I mean… it’s not like you have a unibrow now is it?? 😯
    I:- )

  21. I LOVE it!!!! God sure gave you a head of hair didn’t He?!!!!

    Thanks for the encouraging words on my little one’s blog… 🙂

    love you!

  22. Glad ur back Miss michelle…ya gotta give us something…and eye maybe? 😆

    Gods Gal….LOL, I just cracked up, so Michelle…….where’s the eye?

  23. I drew my avatar to the closest likeness possible for a cartoon. The hair isn’t quite so red, but it is natural with much gray these days. Put little glasses on the girl and we’re good to go… 😉

  24. Michelle are you my long lost sister??? in my heart you are my sister.. in my mind my sister is a cartoon….hey but thats okay…love you anyway!

  25. Michelle…you were right, your avatar was good. I love your picture so much better though. You are quite lovely.
    And you got “the eye”! LOL

  26. You guys are sweet…Tam, are you calling ME hot!! 😆

    I’ve not heard that from anyone but Phat (Comic Phat is my husband, but I prefer to tease him with just the Phat part) – very strange word to my ear.

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