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Things that make me rant!

**People who are already late for work, and drive around the bus and flip me off!

**When adults throw gum on the ground like I want to walk in that!

**Birds who think my white car won’t show thier crap so they have poop party!

**My dog who thinks that because it is spring she should run loose in the neighborhood and meet the neighbors, who really don’t want to meet her!

**My boss sends me to a mandatory boring saftey meeting, and I have to hurry to make it on time, only to find out I am two days early!

**Gray hairs that insist on not staying colored, and have the nerve to stand up and wave at me in the mirror!

**Teachers with attitudes who insist on picking on my daughter(who by the way is the only one I have that will cry when you look at her wrong)!

**Fuel prices!

**Presidential candidates who think PA is a bitter state due to lack of work, so we hang on to religion and gun control! What!! This is considered to be an intelligent person!! I have always been able to get a good job, and there is work in PA if you want to work..Religion is my choice, and if you take all the guns away only criminals will have them!!!! DUH!!  (oh he would just come close enough for me to SMACK him!!)

Yes I am slightly stress out at the moment, but I will be fine in  10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1   ahhhhhhhhhhhh much better!  Something really awesome did happen, I received a package from my Brandy!  and I have the neatest decal for my car that says “I’m Daddys girl” and a card that made me cry and then praise God for his kiss and hug that came through her.. A good rant always helps me to focus on the good things and get a new perspective…try it RANT!


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