The King and Me

ME:  I know the whole walking by faith and not by sight..but honestly I just want see something of YOU.

HIM: You will…You know that I am always with you and I never leave you, You have also seen my hand move in power in your life…think about these things.

ME:   YOUR call has been strong on my heart, and I want to follow.  Showing someone else YOU is not something I can do if  YOU are not intervening in their hearts.  They can’t hear me or my heart.  I am tired.

HIM:  Don’t just want to follow…follow.  They can’t hear me either, so don’t take it personally, come and let me give you rest.

ME:  Seems to me that I am not as far on this road as I should be, and I am sorry that I allow things to stop me, and creep in to the point of distraction, I am in total agreement with YOU, Like Moses, I do not want to have all the promises of my covenant God, if it means walking with out YOUR presence.  I feel lost here.

HIM:  I know you can’t accomplish things in your strength, But I will do it for you.  I remember that I created you, and you can not redeem yourself.  I know that what I am making you into is my great delight.  Choosing me and my presence is what I want from you.  When you step away from me (even through distraction), you are becoming aware that I can not go there with you, for there is no sin in me, no darkside, no compromise.  It is good that you have learned this, and I am thrilled that you run back to me.  You are the apple of my eye.  When you stand on my Truth, it makes me smile that you believe me.

ME:  Realizing that YOU have a plan, and it is a perfect plan, and that no one or nothing will cause any part of it to fail-it causes me to wonder if I am hearing YOU right or if I totally missed it. 

HIM:  You are my child, a lamb in my pasture, and you know my voice, believe what you hear, but don’t let doubt slither in, because my ways are not like yours, so you evaluate things in human terms, and I am working something much bigger, I promise you this, when you see it unfold, you will join me in the dance.  My works are glorious! 

ME:  I want to worship YOU in spirit and truth.  I want to look more like your Son in my reactions and responses.  I want to grow in the eternal perspective, all the while remembering this life is a gift from YOU, living it to the fullest for YOUR glory.

HIM:  Stay in my shadow, meet with me, and know with all your heart, that I am your KING, and your Daddy, and your Ultimate Warrior who delivers you, I go before you, and I delight in you…Believe me (even if others don’t get it) measure me against no man.  I love you Princess, continue the work I have given you, and do it in my strength, and spend much time with me….I love you!



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12 responses to “The King and Me

  1. He does have a plan for us! He does love us & He died for us!
    A great post Darla!

  2. Lori

    I had a ‘Divine Appointment’ today, in Wal*Mart, next to the 2 for $10 DVD bin (of all places).

    She told me that she wanted/prayed that same thing – God I want to SEE YOU, HEAR YOUR VOICE, FEEL YOUR LOVE. Make yourself evident to me. He answered with this…

    “Go outside, see the trees? the flowers? the squirrels? I am showing myself to you. Hear the wind? the birds chirping? the leaves rustling? I am talking to you. Feel the warm sun on your skin? I am showing you how much I love you with a big warm hug!

    I thought this was awesome. I was suppose to blog about it on my site, but I guess this is where He had it intended for. Hugs!

  3. How beautiful! He loves us so much–John 3:16. I’ve been learning the “dont take it personally” part. I want others to understand about salvation and grace and walking uprightly with the Lord and when they dont, I’m grieved. I ask, “How could I have said it differently? What else could I have done?” and so on and so on. I’m learning that they’re not rejecting me, but Christ who lives in me. Thanks Princess!

    Love & blessings in Christ-

  4. Darla, I was with a friend yesterday. She told me that her minister told them that Jesus is right in front of us, but there is this small vail that seperates us. When that vail gets pulled back, Jesus is right there looking at you. He so adores us, he wants us to talk to Him. He wants us to know His heart and seek Him always. Just as much as he love us and seeks us. That was a good post. Thank you for sharing it. Love Tanya

  5. I think everyday is a divine appointment, it depends on whether I show up or not for it. Sadly I do not show up as often as I should, but I am working on that. I do agree that HE is visible in the things around me when i look. But sometimes I just want HIS voice, and a closer fellowship with HIM, don’t know if that makes sense. But honestly I don’t want to go anywhere if He isn’t going with me! it scares me to death to realize i am out of HIS shadow or have moved from HIS blessing. 😯

  6. Darla, I love you dearly so i can tell you this Honestly:

    Part of your perspective is Wrong Hun.

    The First line you wrote in the post above… YOU want to see some thing of Him????

    How in His Name can you look back at where you were in your life and where you are now and NOT SEE HIM???

    He has been with you all along – with what eyes do you See? With human eyes that only see things of the self and of this world being OF this world? Or with Eyes of Spirit who sees clearly the things of God, Being OF God?

    Then to the last things you wrote…you are scared to death ( interesting idea btw!) to ‘relise’ you are out of His Shadow and moved from His Blessing???

    That is the ‘self’ talking the thing we are to work on removing from us the Old ‘Man’) it is not that you move out or away from him, but that you are perceiving only YOURSELF and not Him within you.

    He is ALWAYS within you – we just oftentimes choose to look somewhere ‘else’ and see how we are not being Him instead of removing those ways of looking from us so that we ONLY see Him inside of us and pass that out to everywhere we choose to look. (And to those who look upon us)

    It is a very simple ‘lesson’ – but sometimes so very hard to bear in our mind when our ego wants to jump up saying ‘Look at meeee’ Look at Meeee’ Poor me, clever me, sad me, loving me, caring me, unfortunate me, lonely me, etc etc etc.

    As Tam said – Self less ness – less of the self (me) more of Him (in who i Truly Am)

    We are allowed to work on removing the ‘me’ from within us! Seek (Ask) His help in the process.


  7. Love we are human and yes we can make choices that cause us to move away from HIM, HE may not move away from us but we most certainly can move from HIM. As for Ego…you got me all wrong

  8. Hey, Darla! I’m praying for you…I want more of Him too. He is infinite, how can we ever have all of Him? We long for our heavenly home in these earthly tents. When we see Him face to face–WOW!

    I love the song by Mercy Me, I Can Only Imagine, “Will I stand in Your presence, or to my knees will I fall? Will I sing Hallelujah, will I be able to speak at all?”

    We’ve only seen a glimpse of His robe (as Job? said) I want more too. The assurance I have of His closeness is when I hunger and thirst for righteousness, when I weep over the things He weeps over, then I know I’m seeing things clearly. You are so close to Him which is why you see things as He does…this earth groans for restoration.

    I love you!! Have a great day in Him.

  9. Thanks MIchelle- that is the encouraging word I have been praying for! love you too!

  10. Hi Sweet Princess! I can so hear and understand your heart throughout this…you must have been looking inside my head….again….!!!! LOL I’ve had this conversation several times…
    I remember talking with you before about how, no matter how close we feel or how much of Himself He chooses to reveal, we have yet to even tap the edges of our God. Our Abba Father…He wants us to ask, wants us to seek, understands our doubts, fears and anxiety….He is so faithful in loving us where we are and just pulling us to Him.
    Thank you for this, you are right on girl!

  11. Thanks Deb! you do understand my heart in this…I can not get close enough, and the more of the world condition I see, the more desperate i become to climb in HIS skin!!

  12. Heidi

    These words are so beautiful and encouraging.

    Thank you for looking into my heart and sharing what I needed too..

    Love you princess!!

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