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This is a Call… (yaw)

I don’t know how everyones week is going, but mine has been hard, with lots of fighting off the enemy, and putting up truth, all the while being called out to love and forgive.  Any of these alone I can handle without much thought ( at least on a good day).  My heart has been heavy in prayer for friends of mine going through loss of a family member and all the extra that gets tacked to it.  Godsgal (on my blogroll), and Bajanpoet (on my blogroll) have lost someone very close to them.  Would you join me in showing them some “blog love” and saying a prayer for them.  I believe that God delights in us and even more in our unity of prayer.  HE is awesome and powerful, beautiful and loving.  As a parent I know the joy I get when my children all agree on something, and move on it….just thrills my heart! Even more will our Father in heaven be thrilled….

Let’s begin in praying for our sisters and brothers.  I know I will gladly accept all the prayer I can get, and I think of Michelle (on my blogroll) and Tam (on my blogroll) and the way they are faced with sicknesses that truly hold them down physically, but not spiritually.  They truly are serving God right where they are.

Got Prayer it does a soul good!





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