Another Piece to the Puzzle-who are we pleasing?

Have we become too laxed?  To concerned what others may think? Are we people pleasers or God pleasers?  Do we put things before our eyes that would not be pleasing to our Lord?  Are we honestly saying “I don’t think so”?  It really seems to be everywhere in the Christian circles.  We don’t want to offend because we feel that would be wrong, but to offend for Christ is part of “losing my life to gain it”.  We become idle in our walk with HIM, as we convince ourselves that as long as I am hanging with like minded Christians all is good.  We couldn’t be more wrong!  We are to be odd to the world, not idiotic, not meaning go out and just oppose the world at every turn. But we should be standing out. Our life should be screaming “I am happy in my life and its because of what I found, Do you want it too?”

In my opinion, and it only counts in my mind, We would not be so shocked by the world if we were more in touch with it, and the urgency of Christians turning away from their first love would not grab our hearts so if we are teaching that there is no compromise with Jesus.  Yes He is loving and good, but he has laid some heavy demands on us, and we are picking and choosing what we will follow, as we go.  I am not sure that God is at all impressed with our insignificant sacrifice on HIS account.  If it were not election year, would the whole “new age” news have surfaced at all.  Would we even look in to what our brothers and sisters are watching or taking in?  I am afraid of that answer! 

The book of Matthew lays out many commands that Jesus laid out clearly, and surprisingly enough they do not change with translation or variation.  I recommend John Piper’s “What Jesus demands from the world?”  it really brings it all back to where we should be in making decisions, and mirroring HIS image.  I guess my question then to you is…Does Jesus have the right to demand the world?  think about it, its deeper than I thought.

As your sister in Christ, and fellow stumbler, I am a friend that just wants to remind you we all have a long way to go, that does not excuse us from moving forward and growing in to all that God has for us.  I figure this post isn’t going to make me popular, if you have been a reader here, you know that I really don’t care about that.  I do care that someone speaks some truth even when it costs the writer to re-evaluate their self.  I am an overcomer, in the power of Jesus, and I want nothing in my mind that would be embarrassing to me with Jesus standing beside me.  HE is beside you.  Its not a sweet fuzzy thing for when you hurt or are confused, its reality 24/7.  (I will come back later today and fill in the scripture to back my stand on this)  love ya~



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18 responses to “Another Piece to the Puzzle-who are we pleasing?

  1. I often joke that I am not a follower of Christ. I would rather lead. Oh my, what trouble I get into! I have such a long way to go. He spends more time by my side now, He can grab me quicker that way!!

  2. Papa- me too! I want to be more aware and allow it to play into my daily life and decisions…we really need (as Christ followers) to hold each other accountable to walking out the life we are supposed to have…Glad I have you on this road to keep me in line, and glad Mama is keeping you in line!

  3. Oh,I have such a long way to go…the funny thing is, the more I know, the more I realize how little I really know!

    I do know this, I don’t want to take a step without Him….so why in the world do I always try to step ahead of Him!!!

  4. Steph-walking this with you! Girl we have been doing this together about a year..and it seems to be checks and balances…I am so thankful that HE is so patient!! Love you Princess!

  5. Lori

    A pastor we were once under the teaching of use to use the coined term a “in case of emergency break glass God”. It is so easy to lean on ourselves and forget that He already has the course charted. Thanks for the post and by the way – my answer is posted!

  6. “We really need (as Christ followers) to hold eac other accountable …”

    Darla – we do not hold each other accountable. Maybe you do have some one, but I really do not. Our spouses could, but should they ask those tough personal questions? Questions like; What did you talk to Jesus about today? What temptations are you struggling with today? How much time dld you spend in God’s Word today?

    If you and Tam were meeting each week, over a cup of coffee, just to ask those tough questions of each other, I think we would take a more serious look at how we are living that Christian life we talk about. You know who I would like to be my mentor? The one to challenge me? Ed!

  7. Papa- I have never been fond of accountablity, and maybe I am using the term slightly different than you are interpretting, first I am accountable to God above every one and everything…second a christian to walk the road with me and to ask me from time to time what am i reading in my quiet time, is accountability to me, one who knows my struggles and prays for me and i like wise for them, It really falls under the encouragement and spurring one another on. The only time I am offended by those type questions is when I am far from God, so I need a kick every once and a while.

  8. Darla – I think a more accurate term is mentoring vs. accountability. Having that one person you have confidence in that you can talk to that will listen and make sure we are on the right path. Someone you trust.

  9. Doesn’t a mentor help to keep us accountable? I am slightly confused with the word play… 😯 help!

  10. Heidi

    Great post!

  11. Darla, I’ve found as I’ve been blogging that I don’t want to offend with my words, that I want to build up, but inevitably I bring in scripture and have committed the worst of crimes, not being PC. If we are speaking the word we will offend, even when it is not our intent. The Word became flesh and dwelt among us – He became the rock of offence.

    Talk about Jesus and you will offend – it can’t be helped. I have to get over myself and realize I’m to speak for a higher purpose, not to be liked by men. Man, it’s hard sometimes, not being liked…

  12. Michelle – i hear you! But lately I have been reminded that Jesus still offends today, and the good part of that is that HE is just as real today. I am mostly afraid of coming before my King and admitting that I was more concerned for myself and comfort than I was for the kingdom…and sweet thing! I do not want to tell HIM that!!! I love HIM too much!! But we are all in progress and HE knows the areas we need to work on…so this post is more for me than anyone! love you Princess!

  13. A mentor is one who helps hold us accountable. However, to me the term mentor has the connotation of someone that is my equal, such as a friend, but not the person I am accountable to. I am accountable to God, but having a friend that will help me see my issues can help me to see areas that I may need help with. I hope I haven’t muddied the waters! :o)

    I have loved blogging! Posts like these have helped me look at spiritual issues from many different perspectives.

  14. tam

    I have had more people set me straight since I started blogging then ever before.


    “We would not be so shocked by the world if we were more in touch with it”

    That was, to me, the most impacting statement in this whole post!

    We “protect” ourselves from “them” so that we will not be swayed. Really? Or are we too immature and and unprepared to go out for HIM? To speak HIS truth.

    This is a “between the eyes” post Darla…SO much to think about.

    Thank you

  15. As a teacher/leader in my area, I must look at somethings that I don’t particularly feel comfortable with, but I know that even I can lead someone to think things that may not be God centered. So that is my heart, sometimes (most times) I teach to myself before I even begin teaching to others. How sad the women I have met in the body who are so easily swayed by ungodly teachers, I really believe that instead of pointing fingers at the church for not teaching we just need to step up and start teaching right where we are to whom ever is listening. Following Jesus is not always easy, but its best!
    Tam- it hit me between the eyes as well! Love you

  16. “If it were not an election year would the “new age” have surfaced”

    Sadly I think not. It would have been a ripple on the pond, instead of the wave that it is. Does that make it any more or less important? I don’t think so, we must at all times take up the Sword and speak the Truth in love. We must not be so comfortable in the world that we are unaware or thinking it is up to someone else to say/do something. What can I, one person do anyway? And that is our downfall.
    Who am I, the one? I am the one with the Holy Spirit living in me, so I’m not one anymore! It’s not me, it is the Spirit working in and through me.

  17. I just love your honesty and candidness Darla! You are sooo right on so many levels in this blog. As Christians…we often become complacent. Thought I had a good comment, but I need to re-read your blog. I find myself doing this a lot with your blog as it always makes me think and re-evaluate. Thanks for the challenge!!!!

    I found a website you may be interested in:

    Love and Blessings…

  18. Excellent post princess….We HAVE to go by what God and God alone says. “Yes He is loving and good, but he has laid some heavy demands on us, and we are picking and choosing what we will follow, as we go. ” This was it for me. We can’t pick and choose what we believe, it has to be ALL of Him…there is no other way to live up to and be used to our full potential through Him. He is so far beyond us, yet so personal…I just want to lay down, submit and hang on!!! Love you!

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