Daily Archives: April 2, 2008

Thank you Jesus!

Do you love the Word?? I can’t not stand me without the word!  Jesus blows my mind in how HE meets we us individually and waits for us to come meet with HIM.  I know my need for HIM, and no day starts well without HIM.  Hoping that you all are not as thick as me, and it doesn’t take a fall to draw close to HIM.  Although after a fall there is no better place than to run back to HIM.  I love Jesus, and asking HIM to continue to give us a hunger for HIS word, for the knowlege to know HIM more, and to never be content with what we know of HIM…just want more. 

Thank you Jesus, for always being here, for love that we can’t even grasp its fullness.  Thank you for moving moutians to save your bride.  Oh how we look forward to your return, to carry your bride away.  Wanting today to remember to say Thank you, all day for the many many awesome things you bring our way! Love you!



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