God is so good!

It is a beautiful day in PA!!  73 degrees the trees are budding, flowers are opening!! I love spring!  What an awesome time of year to remember that everything is made new!  AMEN?  I am just so happy in the Lord, and this afternoon I could do nothing but give HIM some praise for all HE has brought me through to this day.  HE is so good!!!  I know alot of unbelievers hate to hear that phrase, but honestly I can’t think of a better one!  How about you?? Are you giving God some praise today??  Even in your trials and uneven roads…HE is there doing something on your behalf…HE loves, adores and smiles on you.  HE promises to bring you out to a spacious place…to make your paths clear, to always go before you and completely hem you in.  HE did not have to make Spring….HE did it for us, to just take it in, and give HIM praise for the wonders of HIS hands!  YAY GOD!!! clapping, looking totally insane..and loving every minute of it!



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7 responses to “God is so good!

  1. Spring is so special – new life! Just like Christ gives us.

  2. woooohoooooo! doing a happy dance..and feeling alive as well! love you Papa!

  3. Lori

    Jumping around and waving purple and gold flags in honor of our Awesome God! Amen! And Amen!

  4. In the trials I get to see HIS glory! I’ve seen God’s glory this past week. I cannot doubt HIS love for me! God is so good!! Let’s shout out together!!

    blessings in Christ–

  5. I love spring. It is like a new beginning. A beginning of renew and love. Thank you Jesus for your new beginnings. Love Tanya

  6. Wow – I just signed on and left a post this evening about loving spring….I am also in Pa. so we are over due for Spring….Praise God for those beautiful birds – love to hear them in the morning and go out to feed them – they are just so trusting….I wish I were so trusting…..

    enjoy M

  7. Mary-God works on me everyday to be more trusting. Where in PA are you?? Maybe I could meet you some day…love you girl…enjoy this spring weather and those birds singing..I will check in on your blog tomorrow…I have too much on my plate today…but I do love you!

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