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Inspite of Me

So often we get in our way! That is honest truth!  So many will not step out in faith due to the fact that God has not perfected us yet.  HELLO! HE hasn’t perfected any of us yet, unless you are no longer among the breathing on earth.  Sorry thats the hard facts. 

Today while leading my Bible Study group, a women stepped up and decided to take a leap of faith and lead a different group with more study.  That’s what I do.  I start Bible Study groups and disciple them to go and start more.  Sometimes that doesn’t go so well, just because we are all human and really want to stay in our Bubble bible study.  Recently the Lord has pushed me off my seat and out of my comfort zone by leading me to teach/lead in the church setting.  Honestly it has scared me to death at times.  God knows that due to some scheduling of wedding preparations, I could no longer lead the retreat group, and altough I have the study ready for someone to take over, I know with all my heart that the material is what HE wants.  This woman has agreed to take the material and lead it.  Inspite of me, God encourages and teaches others.  When the study is over for the week, incredible humility overwhelms me.  In my heart, I just heard HIM say, I am in control, and you do need to do something else, and I am stepping someone else up to lead a group with my Word. 

My comfort zone is with the lost, and taking women one on one, and showing them Jesus.  For most that would be the uncomfort zone.  But in my head, I have more in common with those types of women.  The Church with all the politics that go with it…not me thanks…I hate those things.  So that is exactly where the Lord put me.  There is not a week that goes by that I feel competent in what I do. There is not a week that goes by that I do not grovel at HIS feet.  There is not a week that goes by that HE does not remind me that we are all the same meeting at the foot of the cross, recieving Grace.  Inspite of me, God does not fail me, God’s word will go out and not return void, and hearts are changing (including mine).  I am growing to love these women and I don’t know why God has placed me here, but I am sure HE does it all inspite of me.



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