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Okay, here is seven random things about me (although I did do this already, I will try to name 7 new things);

1.  I hate to be sick, I am a very bad patient!

2. I have a bad hair day about 5 out of 7 days.

3. Jesus saves me from myself! Love HIM!

4.  I look forward to Fill in Fridays at Tams blog.

5.  I’ve been delivered from drugs, alcohol, and the pit I used to call home.

6. Still struggle with smoking, and work hard at it, pray even harder, and yes not to proud to beg HIM.

7. Learning that trusting HIM more is more important than trying harder.  🙂

 If you have not been tagged by this meme, please consider yourself tagged..and go visit Redheadrev, and don’t forget its friday! FIF at Tam’s!



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6 responses to “Tagged by Elaine-the redheadedrev

  1. tam

    Bad hair day 5 out of 7 days! HA!!!! that’s a bad hair LIFE! But i doubt your family would agree with you 😉

    Our friend who just had a quadruple bi-pass 2 weeks ago used to smoke. Up until 2 weeks ago 😯

    I’ll be praying hard with you on that…

    love you so much!

  2. My heart literally hurt that you are struggling with smoking. 😦 I want to (((hug))) you really hard! 😉

    My grandma has smoked for over 50 years and is always trying to quit and can’t. It’s such a hard struggle. We ALL have our vices. At least you admit yours. 😉 Me, not so much.

    Love YOU!!

  3. Bran-You know the strange thing is, I just try again after falling to it, and I believe HE is going to deliver me. But thanks for you kind words…most are not so kind when they find out…but I believe the deliverance happens when things are brought to the light..so here i am in the light, holding no secrets. Love you girl!

  4. Hi Darla, jer and I both smoked, Jer for 3-4 years and me 9. The thing that got me to quit, along with constant prayer, was realizing that I never waked up at night needing a cigarette. I’d wake up, get a glass of milk or whatever and go back to bed…If I really needed them why didn’t I wake up ever hour or two and smoke… 😆 I will be praying for you…it’s a tough one to quit, but delight yourself in Him and He will give you the desires of your heart….Love you!

  5. Never waked up????? 😆 …geez I really am a hick!!!

  6. hahahahaha I read that and did not notice it til you just said that! 😯 did you all hear rumors about redneck PA people! hahahaha

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