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Take off your mask!

First of all I am very frightened of clowns…I really need to see their faces!  Do you realize that the “perfect Christian” look is not bringing anyone closer to HIM, but has the opposite affect?  I am a sinner, and I know my need for a savior everyday.  But HE has been showing me that although people appear to be all together and like they have achieved the blameless walk, we all have sin.  It breaks my heart that being honest in the body is least likely to be first and foremost.  What would the outcome be if instead of answering the question “how are you?” that we answered in honesty; “this is a hard week”, “I am struggling with sin in my life”, “I need prayer”.  Instead of the usual “okay”.    I am not sure, but we may end up in a serious heartfelt prayer session where we lift up issues that we are all plagued with, and accountability partners that actually keep us accountable. 

If I were an outside looking in, I would run from the truth and believe that I had to clean up my act on my own before coming to God.  That is so far from the truth, and what it is all about!  I love my Jesus because while I was still a sinner, HE died for me.  I still hadn’t known HIM, or even slightly believed in HIM, and HIS love was demonstrated for me.  Somehow, I believe that if we were to take off all the masks, we would find that we are more approachable to the lost, and HE would heal those things that we are hiding behind the masks.  God is good, and what HE heals in one person in an instant, may take years for another, But HE alone knows the plans HE has for us.  I wonder is HE cracking up looking at us wearing masks, HE sees right through, and is probably saying something like…”wha wha wha what!”  ?



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Okay, here is seven random things about me (although I did do this already, I will try to name 7 new things);

1.  I hate to be sick, I am a very bad patient!

2. I have a bad hair day about 5 out of 7 days.

3. Jesus saves me from myself! Love HIM!

4.  I look forward to Fill in Fridays at Tams blog.

5.  I’ve been delivered from drugs, alcohol, and the pit I used to call home.

6. Still struggle with smoking, and work hard at it, pray even harder, and yes not to proud to beg HIM.

7. Learning that trusting HIM more is more important than trying harder.  🙂

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