God is Real, HE does exist! I know

I know lots of readers here know that Jesus lives, and that having a personal relationship is awesome, and something real.  But all my readers don’t know that.  This post is mostly for them.  And a huge reminder to the rest of us.  Not only is HE alive, but we should be overflowing with that knowledge.  Its not a story that makes us feel better about things or a simple way to cope.  But it is incredible!!!  I have been speaking to him all day, and I know just like the video…I know that I know that I know that I know!   Believers, let’s commit to not losing the whole conviction of Easter as it is over on the calendar now…and pray for a fire that will light up our areas, and compassion for the hurting.  Pray to see the ones around you while you shop or drive down the street through the eyes of Jesus.  I recently had a reality check, when reading someones blog and the sadness of his heart pierced me, and one little thing he said broke my heart…”If God even exists…”  Believers we need to pray hard, and we need to let every one we come in contact with that HE is real, exists, and has so much love for a hurting world. 



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14 responses to “God is Real, HE does exist! I know

  1. tam

    That’s it for me this Easter. You nailed it. Not letting the “Easter Fluff” pass just because the day is behind us. I’m on board with you in this. We have to be a walking billboard of His grace, truth and love.

  2. My redeemer lives! Once you get there the rest of the journey is awesome! Jesus, help me today to show others what you have done in my life and what you can do in others! Amen!

  3. We need to call each other on it, if we start to slack in this…It is so easy to become complacent..at least for me, thanks for commenting, love you!

  4. Before I even watch that video I know what song it is….. My Redeemer Lives. I know that I know that I know that I know….. kind of gave it away. 😉 I love that part! 😀

    Going to listen to it now. I’m a major music kick lately. I do that when I am stressed out or there is a big life change. Music feeds my soul! And God knows it and works through it to get to my heart. Always!

  5. CHILLS!!!

    “He lives, I spoke with him this morning. He lives, the tomb is empty. He lives!”


  6. so true…

    On Easter Sunday while at my wife’s church the presence of the Lord fell so strongly that I literally couldn’t do anything for the second half of the worship, and I couldn’t hold my pen to write the notes (the sermon was on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, go figure) and I literally couldn’t move from my seat after the sermon and after the service was done…. I had to be helped out of the building…. tell me that God ain’t real!

  7. There is no way I could ever believe God is not real, after all the years I did think that…HE has been very awesome and sweet to show himself to me in many ways.

    I really want HIM to radiate from me so that others will see HIM and not me. wooooohooooooo HE is alive and all other gods are dead! Thats a fact!

  8. Darla, you are so right, there are people out there in our communities and there are people sitting in our churches that do not have a relationship with God. A good friend told me just the other day that she knows this couple that have been attending church with them. The husband of the couple gave his testimony and had recently excepted Jesus, because he did not want to live in a lie. We have to be living as examples and telling people about our friend Jesus. Great post. Have a happy Easter season. Love Tanya

  9. tam

    “I know that I know that I know that I know…”

    Isn’t funny how sometimes that’s the best we can get out?!!!

    I was just thinking of that this morning and it made me laugh. And I’m OK with not having the words to explain everything…I know that i know…to the bottom of my toes. Take it or leave it.

  10. Amen Darla~ I am with you! I know that I know and I want others to know! love you!

  11. Amen!!! I think Easter may be my favorite holiday. I love Christmas… but there is something sobering about Easter. I am so thankful, and so humbled… I know He is real. And even if He never did another thing for me, I’d still love Him and live for Him. He is so real to me.

  12. Amen!
    Much love,

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